Coles Advising FAQs

  • Meet with your academic advisor by scheduling an appointment with our online appointment scheduler!
  • Business students are assigned a dedicated Academic Advisor(s) based on their specific business major. Find your Coles College of Business advisor.
  • W01 and W02 sections of some Upper Division and Lower Division courses are reserved for online majors only.
  • For admission requirements, please get familiar with the Coles Admission requirements including when to apply, how to declare a major, which courses to complete and more!
  • You must complete the eCore Orientation first.
  • Go to Owl Express > Student Services tab.
  • Coles College reserves some W01 and W02 online sections of our courses for students in online-only degree programs. Some courses may include additional sections under the restrictions. Those courses are generally limited to our Upper-division and Lower-division core but may have the occasional major requirement or elective included as well.

    Those reserved courses are not available to students (including transient students) that are not in a declared online degree program. We are unable to override that restriction, but the restriction will be lifted prior to Drop-/Add. Any remaining seats will be available to all students on a first-come, first-served basis.

Do you have questions that are not answered here? Please 
contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you with your journey!