Minors & Certificates

Upgrade your degree with a Coles minor or certificate to take your degree further. Not a business major? That’s okay! Both business and non-business majors are eligible. If you are interested, make an appointment with an Advisor today.

If you're not sure which type of program is right for you, here's the difference: 

Certificate: A concentrated group of courses related to a particular skill or knowledge area that supplements a bachelor’s degree or program; generally requires fewer credit hours than a minor.  

Minor: A group of specialized courses that enhances or builds upon an existing a degree program; usually requires more credit hours than a certificate. 

The Top 5 Reasons You Should Add a Minor or Certificate

  1. Specialize and increase your skills
  2. Improve your resume and increase your marketability to employers
  3. It doesn’t take that much more time or effort to add a minor to your educational program!
  4. Test out a subject area or build the foundation for a 2nd major
  5. Expand your knowledge and show employers your desire to learn 

Available Minors

    • Accounting
    • Business Law
    • Economics
    • Engagement Marketing
    • Entrepreneurship 
    • Finance
    • Fintech (New)
      Information Systems

    * The Coles College Scholars Program is a multi-year program focused on leadership development, integrated and international studies, community engagement, and mentorship. Each cohort is carefully selected through a rigorous application and interview process each year.


Available Certificates:

  • Develop your understanding of business concepts and principles to complement your major. You will gain experience and build skills in the key areas of business:  

    • Accounting
    • Economics
    • Information Systems
    • Management
    • Marketing

    *This program is only for non-business majors and a perfect fit for many degree paths!

  • Do you have an interest in Information Security? Do you want to know how it applies to Technology? This growing and exciting field is one of the most desired skill sets you can have in business today!  

    We emphasize the skills and knowledge you need to protect and inspect systems, find threats, and react to keep information secure. With this on your resume, employers will be looking for you! 

  • If you enjoy computers, but don’t want a technology based degree, you can add skills and improve your resume. It’s also great for getting the latest in IS, even if you already have a bachelor's degree.  

    Information systems (IS) is rapidly becoming as important in getting a job and advancing your career as communication. Recruiting experts believe that even a little technology savvy can open doors.

  • Do you have a passion for music and entertainment? Under the Coles College of Business, we develop industry leaders by providing a foundation of practical experience and on-the-job training while exploring career opportunities in the music and entertainment industry. Joel A. Katz Music and Entertainment Business Program.

    In our program, you will learn:  

    • Business Fundamentals
    • Develop Entertainment Industry Knowledge

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