Coles College of Business is excited to announce a partnership with Knack, the fastest growing peer learning platform for college students, focused on helping students like you succeed in the classroom, and beyond.  

Request a Tutor:  Free tutoring for any Coles College undergraduate course is now available through Knack.

Coles College Student-Tutor Testimonial for Knack

Become a Tutor: High-achieving students with As or Bs in any Coles College undergraduate course can sign-up to become a verified Kennesaw Peer Tutor for that course and earn $14.00 an hour. Tutoring can be in groups, one-on-one, virtual, or in-person – tutor at your convenience. 

How Knack tutoring works? The platform operates like Uber, allowing students in need of tutoring services to book sessions on-demand from verified Kennesaw peer tutors who have previously aced the exact courses they are offering assistance in. Go to Kennesaw.JoinKnack.com to apply.

Supplemental Instruction (SI)

Need additional academic support? Try an SI session!

Supplemental Instruction is a program that offers FREE weekly study sessions for students enrolled in targeted courses. SI leaders are students who have previously taken the class and earned an A. They know the content and are excited to help guide students through it.

What are Supplemental Instruction FALL 2023 SI STUDY SESSION SCHEDULE

The Learning Assistant (LA) Program

The KSU Learning Assistant Program involves undergraduate learning assistants (LAs) in supporting KSU’s student success efforts. LAs assist students in developing strategies that will help strengthen their knowledge, develop transferable learning skills, and achieve academic success. LAs may support students during class whether the class meets face-to-face, online, or in hybrid format. Having successfully completed the course where they serve as an LA, LAs will be able to guide or coach students by sharing skills and knowledge, as well as by communicating confidence and encouragement.