KSU’s Career Services

From resume advice to an internship, look to KSU’s Career Services for help in shaping and launching your professional life.

To land your first professional job after you earn a BBA from Coles College of Business, you need a solid résumé, a winning interview style, and experience. We can help with every step, and some you probably haven’t thought about yet:

  • Entry-level realities
  • Personal strengths
  • Business etiquette

Although some of these will be covered in your courses and your academic advising sessions, invest the extra effort now to polish yourself and it will pay off during your job search, when you pursue promotion, and as you make future career moves.

Visit KSU Career Services

Survey What Is Available

Start by looking over the resources available through KSU Career Services. There are events like the Accounting Career Fair and the Fall and Spring Career Fairs and résumé-writing and interviewing skills workshops throughout the year.


Connect Online

Register early for OwlLink, the KSU online internship and job search engine.  On this site, you will be able to:

  • Search for job postings
  • Connect with resume referrals and on-campus interviews
  • Track your job search, including job listings and applications
  • Store different resumes, cover letters, and related documents
  • Send your résumé and other materials directly to employers
  • Know when the next recruiting event will happen