Leadership Scholars Program

The Leadership Scholars Program is powered by the commitment and achievement of the students who make up each Cohort. Their experiences in the program are transformative for growth as students, as future business leaders, as individuals, and as members of the communities where they engage.


“I truly believe that because of the program and the prestige that comes along with it, I was awarded the Outstanding Finance Major Award and was able to start my career at JPMorgan Chase a semester before I graduated. The students that will thrive in this program are those that want to differentiate themselves and build their brand, are willing to step out of their comfort zone to become leaders and have the willpower to work hard, both individually and in teams.”

Yoana Cervantes, Cohort One

“As an international student and entrepreneur the Coles Scholars program was the highlight of my 4 years at KSU. The program gave me unique opportunities that I wouldn't have had otherwise. I met incredible people including my fellow scholars, professors and a network of high level individuals. I was able to learn from real life businesses and professionals which made the learning much more interesting and effective.”

Daniela Carvajalino, Cohort One

”The Scholar's Program isn't just extra coursework to pad your resume. You get actual experience and develop real skills that give you a true advantage regardless of your career choice. For me, the subjects were more than just interesting, they were actionable. I use what I learned through the program every single day of my professional career--it was the best decision I made while pursuing my degree.”

Ross Ball, Cohort One