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Get involved with the exciting and engaging lectures, film screenings, workshops and symposiums happening at the Bagwell Center for the Study of Markets and Economic Opportunity in the Coles College of Business.

Fall 2023 Lectures

  • Joshua Deutschmann Flyer
    Date: 10/24/23

    Lecture 1: “Peanuts and the economics of food safety in rural Senegal”
    Time: 9:30am-10:45am
    Location: Social Science 1021

    Lecture 2: “The market for sanitation in urban Senegal”
    Time: 11:00am-12:15pm
    Location: Social Science 1021

    Speaker: Joshua Deutschmann, University of Chicago (co-sponsored with the Year of Senegal)

    Joshua Deutschmann is an Evidence Synthesis and Research Lead at the Development Innovation Lab at the University of Chicago. He is interested broadly in development economics, industrial organization, and applied econometrics. He completed his PhD in Agricultural & Applied Economics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

    Joshua Deutschmann Flyer

  • Stanley Goldfarb Flyer
    Date: 11/10/23

    Time: 2:30pm-3:20pm
    Location: Prillaman Hall 1101

    Speaker: Stanley Goldfarb, Chairman, Do No Harm

    Dr. Goldfarb, a board-certified kidney specialist, is a former Professor and Associate Dean for Curriculum at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. He has been widely published in medical journals, as well as The Wall Street Journal.


    Stanley Goldfarb Flyer

Fall 2023 Film Screenings

  • No Safe Spaces flyer
    Date: 10/16/23
    Time: 11:00am-1:00pm
    Location: Social Science 1019

    The First Amendment and the very idea of free speech are under attack in America today. A growing number of Americans don't believe you have the right to speak your mind if what you have to say might offend someone, somewhere. They advocate for "safe spaces" in which people won't be offended by ideas they may find troubling. But is that what America is about?

    In NO SAFE SPACES, comedian and podcast king Adam Carolla and radio talk show host Dennis Prager travel the country, talking to experts and advocates on the left and right, touring college campuses, and examining their own upbringings to try to understand what is happening in America today and what free speech in this country should look (and sound) like.

    No Safe Spaces Flyer

  • Nuclear Now Flyer
    Date: 11/6/23
    Time: 1:30pm-3:15pm
    Location: Prillaman Hall 2204

    With unprecedented access to the nuclear industry in France, Russia, and the United States, Nuclear Now explores the possibility for the global community to overcome the challenges of climate change and energy poverty to reach a brighter future through the power of nuclear energy.

    Beneath our feet, Uranium atoms in the Earth’s crust hold incredibly concentrated energy. Science unlocked this energy in the mid-20th century, first for bombs and then to power submarines. The United States led the effort to generate electricity from this new source. Yet in the mid-20th century as societies began the transition to nuclear power and away from fossil fuels, a long-term PR campaign to scare the public began, funded in part by coal and oil interests. This campaign would sow fear about harmless low-level radiation and create confusion between nuclear weapons and nuclear energy. Looking squarely at the problem, Oliver Stone shows us that knowledge is the antidote to fear, and our human ingenuity will allow us to solve the climate change crisis if we use it.

    Nuclear Now Flyer

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