About the Bagwell Center

Since its inception in May 2017, the has operated under the leadership of Timothy Mathews (Director and KSU Professor of Economics). Housed within the Coles College of Business' Department of Economics, Finance, and Quantitative Analysis, the Bagwell Center aims to inform people about the critical relations between free-market institutions, individual choice, and realized economic outcomes. This goal is partly accomplished by providing educational events which focus on: the foundations and history of economic thought; the impact of economic freedom; the history of global capitalism (with an emphasis on the United States’ experience); the role of entrepreneurs in a market based economic system; and the application of economic principles and incentives within firms and organizations.

Ultimately, the Bagwell Center facilitates an important dialogue between students, faculty, citizens, and business leaders. This discourse serves to increase the economic literacy of KSU graduates, to the benefit of the broader community and society.

The Bagwell Center at KSU focuses on:

  • Organizing on-campus lecture and film screening events
  • Supporting student research
  • Supporting faculty research
  • Engaging with community outreach activities
  • Organizing ad hoc workshops and symposiums