The Behavior Response Team (BRT) is a multidisciplinary team that meets regularly to assess and manage concerns that have been brought to the attention of the team. The BRT process does not replace faculty classroom management, conduct processes, workplace safety protocols, and/or public safety responses to incidents. It provides an additional and coordinated resource to report individuals exhibiting distress or concerning behaviors.

Notifying the team of individuals of concern (students, faculty, staff, or anyone who’s behavior might impact the well-being of the campus) in a timely manner is a simple yet important step that everyone can take to proactively help the BRT to provide assistance to individuals who might be in need.

BRT Members represent the following Offices/Positions:

  • Associate Vice President and Dean of Students
  • Office of Student Advocacy
  • Director of Counseling and Psychological Services
  • Associate VP for Academic Affairs/Provost's Office
  • Public Safety
  • Residence Life
  • Student Conduct & Academic Integrity (SCAI)
  • Office of Institutional Equity 

Consulting BRT Members represent:

  • Human Resources
  • Legal Affairs

The BRT reports to the Office of the Dean of Students. For more information about the BRT and/or its members, contact