Honors Ambassadors

KSU Journey Honors College Student Ambassadors are a volunteer group of students who support the program’s development and stewardship efforts, and who educate, excite, and engage with potential students, alumni, donors, and community members to ensure the program’s continued success. Honors Ambassadors are expected to complete 15 hours of service for the semester to receive credit for the Honors Learning Experience. These hours may be completed in a variety of ways such as assisting with Honors events, Honors Open Houses, meeting with potential donors, etc. Each of these events and opportunities takes place on various dates and times. 

  • Honors Ambassadors earn an HLE each semester of their participation
  • Gain volunteer experience and build your resume
  • Develop valuable public speaking and professional skills
  • Connect with faculty, staff, alumni, and the community
  • Contribute to the success of KSU Journey Honors College

Honors Advisory Leadership Council (HALC)


The mission of the KSU Journey Honors College Honors Advisory Leadership Council is to promote the contribution of Honors students and gather insight on the needs of students to foster a better connection with faculty, staff, and administration.


The applicant must demonstrate a significant leadership contribution to student life, student volunteerism, and/ or the KSU community through involvement in at least two of the following areas for a minimum of one semester, with an exception granted for freshman applicants.

  • Volunteer student representation
  • Committee involvement
  • Student organization leadership
  • Residence hall leadership
  • Athletic leadership
  • Student Orientation leadership
  • Event planning and implementation
  • Leadership and/or involvement in an initiative that had university-wide impact
  • Other form of leadership not listed
  • Only ONE of your selected leadership involvements may be part of a paid position (not including scholarships). To use one paid position as part of this application, you must explain how your leadership role exceeded the expectation of the job for which you were paid.