Prospective Honors Students

  • KSU Journey Honors College is a community of academically talented, highly motivated students challenged to excel through a specialized and innovative curriculum.  Students engage in a wide range of learning experiences including Honors courses and interdisciplinary seminars that promote intellectual curiosity, discussion, and collaboration. We provide opportunities for undergraduate research, domestic and international travel, distinguished first-year cohort study programs, and community service.
  • Honors students receive a variety of benefits, including but not limited to:
    • Scholarship opportunities
    • Priority registration
    • Specialized advising
    • Access to Honors Lounges on the Kennesaw and Marietta campuses
    • Small, seminar-style Honors courses
    • Study abroad opportunities
    • Development of peer and professional networks
  • KSU Journey Honors College offers a variety of events for prospective students and parents. You can visit us during an Honors Spotlight Tour or KSU Open House. You are also welcome to contact our office directly to schedule an individual appointment. Please contact or 470-578-2364.
  • An Honors Designation is what is earned at Commencement if the student completes their Honors coursework. Honors Designations can be found here. 

    An Honors Advisor will help you decide which designation is best for you. If you have been accepted to KSU Journey Honors College with more than 60 earned credit hours, you are placed automatically in the Honors in the Major track based on your anticipated time to degree. Students pursuing the Honors in the Major track who wish to switch to the Honors Scholar or Honors Research Scholar track may do so with the approval of an Honors Advisor.

  • You can view eligibility requirements for different populations by visiting admissions.
  • There is no cost to apply to KSU Journey Honors College.

Newly Accepted Honors Students

  • Congratulations on your acceptance! All newly accepted Honors students should follow the steps provided in the Honors Incoming Student Checklist.
  • Newly-accepted Honors students will register for the first time at their KSU Orientation. Students will be able to register for Honors courses once they have attended an Honors Welcome Session. Priority time tickets will be assigned to new honors students during their first full semester of enrollment in Honors at KSU. 
  • All newly-accepted Honors students must complete HON 1100: An Introduction to Honors within their first two semesters with KSU Journey Honors College.
  • You can apply for all KSU scholarships through KSU's scholarship application. By filling out this application, you are also considered for Honors scholarships. You can view a list of Honors scholarships below.

    list of scholarships