KSU Turbo Vote

One great tool available to KSU students and employees is called Turbo Vote!  This simple online site can help you register to vote, update your address if you move or want to register to vote locally, receive absentee ballots and vote by mail if your voting location is too far away, and receive email and/or text reminders about upcoming elections so you’ll never miss another election day!

Register to Vote

Registration Status, Polling Location and Candidate Information

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Leadership and policies at the local level can influence your experience as a student in the Kennesaw community. Changing your address allows you to have a voice about these local matters.
  • No, you must be a legal resident of the county ​in which you wish to vote.
  • No, Georgia utilizes an open primary system in which registered voters do not have to be members of a party to vote in that party's primary.
  • You can visit Georgia My Voter Page to determine the county ​in which you are registered, early voting locations, and your polling station for election day.
  • Registration must be completed at least 28 days prior to a given election.