Student Leadership Workshops at KSU

Please review our list of workshop options and then fill out the workshop request form to request a workshop for your group. If you do not see the topic you are looking for listed you may use the workshop requestion form to share more info.

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Workshop Options

  • Drew Dudley’s TedTalk introduces leadership from the perspective of everyday interactions with others. DSA Competency: Self-Development
  • Name and claim your personal values and challenge yourself to live by those values daily. DSA Competency: Personal Values; Self-Development; Decision Making
  • Using Clifton Strengths for Students assessment, learn how you can use your talents to develop your potential in all aspects of your life. DSA Competency: Self-Development 
  • Learn to create action-oriented goals for personal and professional success. DSA Competency: Self-Development, Decision making
  • Communication makes the world go around. This topic focuses on building productive relationships through communication strategies that include listening, understanding, being heard, and responding appropriately to each other. DSA Competencies: Communication
  • What happens when communication breaks down and conflict occurs? This topic explores how to use effective communication strategies in difficult situations. Participants will practice these strategies and techniques to reinforce learning. DSA Competencies: Conflict Negotiation; Communication; Problem Solving
  • The best groups include people who bring a variety of experience and talents. Learn how to develop proactive strategies for recruiting and retaining a diverse team. DSA Competencies: Social Responsibility; Productive Relationships
  • Creating a dynamic team involves trust, focus, direction, and strong relationships. This topic focuses on trust as a primary motivator for team productivity and engagement. DSA Competencies: Productive Relationships; Motivation 
  • Sustaining a team and getting them to work together to accomplish their goals takes more than just delegating tasks. Participants create a plan to motivate their members to propel their team to success. DSA Competencies: Productive Relationships; Motivation;
  • Teambuilding activities are designed to help a team and its members to develop their abilities to make decisions, solve-problems, and collaborate with others. We will work with you to find the best activities to fit your teams needs.