The Odyssey Peer Mentoring Program is designed to help new freshman and transfer students successfully transition to KSU while giving students leadership development experience. Our Peer Mentors are student leaders who are academically successful and represent all majors across campus. Mentors help new students understand prepare for the academic and social demands of college life as well as encourage a sense of community. The Odyssey Peer Mentoring Program contributes to the retention, progression, and graduation of KSU students by helping students find the resources they need to be successful at KSU. 

If you wish to learn more please reach out to DSL staff at

Mentee Application Mentor Application

Program Benefits

  • Learn more about KSU and the campus community 
  • Build self - esteem and enhance interpersonal skills 
  • Increase self - motivation, self discipline, and goal setting skills 
  • Lesson the stress associated with college attendance 

Eligibility Requirements


The Odyssey Peer Mentoring Program is geared towards freshman and transfer students in their first or second semester. However, any KSU student in need of peer to peer to support can apply for a mentor. Mentees are encouraged to become involved in goal setting, career development, and campus life activities. 


Any student who has completed two semesters and who is willing to spend at least one hour twice a month during the semester with a student is eligible to participate as a mentor. Mentors must have a minimum 2.5 GPA and be in good academic standing. 

Lead Peer Mentors

The Lead Peer Mentors are a group of student leaders within the Odyssey Peer Mentoring Program who lead, train, and facilitate leadership and skill development for Peer Mentors while planning engaging activities for mentees. Additional roles and responsibilities are listed below:

  • Team trainings and meetings 
  • Peer Mentor - Mentee intake, interviews, and orientation
  • Small group mentoring 
  • Plan and facilitate mentoring events
  • Marketing and recruitment for the program and other Department of Student Leadership initiatives
  • Community service events 

If you have an interest in becoming a Lead Peer Mentor visit our Advanced Leader League.