Online Student Support Services at KSU

As an online student, Kennesaw State offers support services to help make your academic journey comfortable and accessible.

Services and support resources include advising, career planning, community engagement, involvement opportunities, online tutoring, disability services, technology resources, tuition assistance, and wellbeing initiatives under the supervision of the Dean of Students.

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Student Support

  • Find your Advisor & Register for Classes

    At KSU Online, our academic advisors can provide you with assistance regarding degree planning, course selection, and academic goal planning. Your advisor will provide academic guidance in order to keep you on track for graduation and can help connect you to campus programs and services.  All students are encouraged to meet with their advisor each semester prior to registration and as needed for academic support related questions. Whether you are a new student, a returning student, or a student looking for a new career path, our advising and registration service team can help you along your educational journey. 
    Setting an appointment is the best way to guarantee your academic advisor has plenty of time to dedicate to your questions, concerns, or discussions about your academic plan. Undergraduate students can set appointments with their advisors on the advising website. Graduate students should consult with their Program Coordinator regarding program of study or registration questions.

  • Career Planning and Development supports your academic and career goals as an online student. KSU provides personalized guidance and a wealth of resources to help you succeed. Whether you're seeking jobs, internships, or volunteer opportunities, we offer tools like Handshake and regular career events to connect you with opportunities. Our goal is to empower you to design a fulfilling life through individualized advising and networking with employers.

    Career Planning and Development
  • KSU Online aims to build a community that fosters a sense of belonging and enhances the learning experiences of our online learners. The KSU online platform allows learners to engage in dialogue and expand their knowledge regarding to understand various perspectives. Our online community creates a space where students feel valued.

    The KSU Online's Student Affairs department offers a diverse range of community groups and services to support its students. These include the Cultural Awareness Resource Center (CARC), the Global Village program, and the Military and Veteran Services. Additionally, the university provides resources such as the LGBTQ Resource Center, the Unity Center, the Women's Resource Center, and the African American Male Initiative (AAMI). Furthermore, the FLIGHT program offers transformative experiences to meet students' social, personal, and academic needs, fostering a sense of belonging within the campus community. These services aim to create an inclusive and supportive environment for all students. Seek engagement by signing up for opportunities via OWL Life.

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    Cultural & Community Centers

    Located within the Division of Student Affairs, Cultural and Community Centers (CCC) serves as home to a vibrant array of programs and services that focus on academic enrichment, campus and community engagement, and identity exploration for all KSU students.

    FLIGHT: Class-Year Connections

    The Department of Student Engagement and Belonging seeks to equip students with engagement opportunities, skills, and resources to be successful socially, academically, and professionally. Social connections among students and fostering meaningful support networks are at the core of Student Engagement and Belonging.

  • The Dean of Students at Kennesaw State University serves as an advocate and resource to help maximize students' success at KSU and beyond. The office oversees various areas, including student conduct, problem resolution, behavioral and crisis response, administrative emergency withdrawals, policy review and compliance, and student advocacy and support. Additionally, the office houses the Behavioral Response Team, the Department of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity, Student Disability Services, and resources for students with holds, such as Administrative Emergency Withdrawals. These resources are designed to support students and contribute to a proactive climate of care within the university community.

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    Behavioral Response Team (BRT)

    The Behavioral Response Team (BRT) takes a planned approach to identify and assist individuals who are distressed and/or exhibiting behavior that may be harmful to themselves or others. Through early identification, the team can connect individuals of concern with the resources they need to succeed.

    Student Conduct and Academic Integrity (SCAI)

    Student Conduct and Academic Integrity (SCAI) is responsible for addressing violations of the KSU Codes of Conduct, ensuring full compliance with the Board of Regents policies, and guaranteeing appropriate due process in all conduct-related matters. KSU has established a centralized conduct process that oversees all types of conduct issues, whether they are related to academic or behavioral matters, including violations involving student organizations. Furthermore, SCAI handles the adjudication of sexual misconduct violations following an independent Title IX investigation and referral for conduct proceedings.

  • KSU Online has opportunities for learners to engage with their academic community. Various KSU organizations and events enable students to pursue their interests, develop new skills, and connect with their peers. KSU Online learners have access to university experiences that extend beyond their academic goals such as eSports, student leadership opportunities including the Student Government Association, involvement in activities related to KSU Student Media, as well as volunteerism and service opportunities. OWL Life serves as a one-stop-shop for virtual activities and events for KSU Online students seeking involvement in university clubs, organizations, events, and activities.

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    Esports at KSU is a collection of intercollegiate competitive teams, events for students, campus resources, and a growing social community all geared toward esports.

    The Department of Student Activities is responsible for facilitating student experiences by fostering a vibrant campus community where students are connected, valued, and successful. Student Activities supports students and fosters holistic development through providing programs, events, services, and resources to enhance involvement in co-curricular activities outside of the classroom.

    The Department of Student Leadership (DSL) provides leadership development education through intentional programming, experiences, and opportunities for students to engage in self-discovery and personal responsibility; connect with their communities through collaboration; and create impact and positive change. The goal of DSL is to develop personally grounded, socially engaged, and impactful student leaders with the capacity to transform the future.

  • KSU offers extensive tutoring and academic support to aid students in achieving their educational goals. From specialized tutoring labs in various colleges to the SMART Center providing assistance in a range of subjects, students can find help tailored to their needs. Supplemental Instruction sessions and resources like the Writing Center and Library System Research Tutoring further enhance student learning. Additionally, a diverse array of workshops, from time management to writing skills, are available to help students excel academically.

    Online Tutoring
  • Student Disability Services (SDS) is the primary point of contact for students with disabilities to arrange accommodations and access campus resources. Students must connect with SDS and provide required documentation outlined by the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia to access accommodations.

    All documentation remains confidential within SDS and is not shared without student consent. SDS helps identify suitable accommodations, and it's the student's responsibility to notify instructors and campus departments as necessary.

    Student Disability Services
  • KSU Online is supported by University Information Technology Services (UITS) to alleviate your technology concerns and to provide you with technology resources and support. Whether you are a new student, encounter issues with the D2L Brightspace course platform, or have trouble accessing KSU digital resources, UITS is available to help you. Our team will assist with troubleshooting software, connectivity, security, and privacy concerns. We also have software downloads and training available for all online learners. KSU Online is committed to ensuring that our technology options will support you in your educational journey.

  • Tuition, Fees, & Funding

    The tuition structure for online learners can be confusing, but KSU Online strives to make it simple by helping you to learn now and pay later. Most of our students will pay for their classes according to the e-Tuition and Fees chart geared for undergraduate and graduate online courses. If you are taking courses through the eCampus, then you will use the eCore or eMajor Tuition and Fees chart depending on whether you are taking eCore courses or are part of an eMajor program. Be sure to check out how affordable our programs are overall and apply for financial aid. Earning a degree through KSU Online can change your life for the better without breaking the bank. 
    A wide variety of financial aid opportunities, such as scholarships, grants, loans, and campus employment are available to help students with educational costs. Most awards are based on financial need while some are awarded in recognition of merit or achievement. Financial Aid is awarded based on full-time enrollment status. The Office of Student Financial Aid  encourages students to contact the appropriate financial aid counselor with questions. 

  • Wellbeing for KSU Online learners is crucial for creating a positive learning experience. Maintaining a balance between academic demands and personal life, promoting self-care practices, and ensuring clear communication channels are essential for the wellbeing of our KSU Online owls. Take advantage of our resources that can help you incorporate wellness with your personal and academic responsibilities. 

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