Our Leadership Philosophy

Leadership is the intentional process of working together to create positive change.  This change may be as small as an interaction between two people or as large as the creation of new technology.  College students learn the art of leadership through their many interactions in class, clubs, and other encounters.  We use these experiences to connect students with leadership knowledge, skills, and attitudes that they will use throughout their lifetime. Our focus is on self-discovery, developing talent, and creating impact.

Leadership Coaching

We believe that every person has the potential to lead. We are here to help you find who you are as a leader. The heart and soul of our work as leadership educators lies in the individual and small group coaching sessions we provide. In these spaces we dive in to the personal values and strengths that make you an incredible leader. Interested in more information? Schedule an initial consult with us! We would love to chat with you. 



  • Individual coaching is a service focused on identifying and building on your personal leadership attributes. This is usually a recurring service where we focus on topics such as: 

    • Values identification
    • Decision-making skills
    • Strengths
    • Being a team player
    • Problem solving

    At the end of your time with us, you will have the skills and knowledge to present your personal leadership philosophy and style like a pro. This is helpful in job interviews and will be a great tool you can apply in your career and within your community.

  • Whether you are an executive board, working on a class project, or a group of friends, this is the space for you! We are here to help you navigate your responsibilities as a team and identify the unique strengths each member brings to the table. Make sure to schedule an initial consult before scheduling small group coaching. This is the best way for us to identify your group's specific needs before diving in.

Academic Collaboration

Leadership development for KSU Marietta provides comprehensive, co-curricular initiatives for STEM students that support the Division of Student Affairs' mission to enhance students' holistic development and sense of community.  New professionals entering the work force need intentional leadership development competencies to be best prepared for careers in the field. Leadership development can be integrated into academic areas, using co-curricular programming that is weaved into class and out of class.  
Leadership development promotes excellence, enriches students’ educational experience, and promotes job placement and career success by:

  • Learning how to assess and build on their strengths, students become independent thinkers and improve their decision-making skills
  • Gaining an understanding of professional environments and professionalism, students improve their collaboration skills and vice-versa   

Developing reasoning and communication skills, students are better prepared for coursework and professional success  
To ensure that all students are receiving comprehensive leadership knowledge and practice, The Leadership Hub provides additional programming to enhance the academic curriculum. Leadership workshops and applicable experiences can be embedded within coursework and in co-curricular opportunities.  These workshops and experiences are grounded in researched leadership development models and trends. 

If this is a service you are interested in or would like more information please reach out to Judy Craven below.


Staff Training

As leadership educators, we are here to provide all members  of the KSU community opportunities for leadership development. We would love to help you build a productive and dynamic team through workshops focused on a variety of topics including:

  • Values Based Decision-Making
  • Strengths (Gallup Inc.)
  • 5 Dysfunctions of a Team (Patrick Lencioni)
  • The Ideal Team Player (Patrick Lencioni)
  • Topics personalized to your team

If you are interested in this service or would like more information, please schedule an initial consult with Judy Craven below.

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The Leadership Hub in Marietta is our physical space for student leaders. The Leadership Hub is located in the Wilson Student Center within the Student Affairs suite in room A230f. This is a space for student leaders to collaborate and work in. Stop by and say hi!

In Person

Wilson Student Center
Suite A230f

Email: leadershiphub@kennesaw.edu

  • Director, Leadership Development & Part-Time Assistant Professor of Leadership

    (470) 578-2331
    A 230J

    Judy Craven began her career in higher education in 1981. She joined the KSU community in 1997 as a counselor and transitioned to the Center for Student Leadership in 2007 to begin her journey as a leadership educator. She currently serves as the Director of Leadership Development on KSU's Marietta campus. 

    Judy is committed to KSU students and staff to provide quality programming and leadership coaching. She provides individual and small group coaching and facilitates presentations on a variety of leadership-based topics.  

    Judy earned a Bachelor's degree in Speech Communications from Valdosta State College (now University) and a Master's degree in Education (Professional Counseling) from Georgia State University. She is certified as a Strengths Based Educator from Gallup, Inc. Judy is completing her dissertation as an Ed.D candidate in Education Leadership at Valdosta State University and plans to graduate in 2022.