General Standards for Advertising

To protect the interest of its readers and advertisers, KSUSM publications have established these basic principles or general standards for advertising. These standards also serve to maintain reader confidence in the medium and in the advertising which it carries: advertising is not acceptable which tends, in the opinion of these publications, to destroy the confidence of readers or advertisers. This includes advertising that is misleading, inaccurate, fraudulent, deceptive, or ambiguous.

KSUSM publications reserve the right to reject advertising that makes misleading claims or uses art or words that impugn or degrade sex, sexual orientation, race, national origin, creed, color, disability, or age.

KSUSM publications reserve the right to reject advertising that promotes illegal activity or activity detrimental or damaging to the University and its educational mission. It further reserves the right to reject any advertisement which it deems objectionable due to subject matter, illustration, phraseology, or set-up.

KSUSM publications support the Better Business Bureau’s Code of Advertising. All advertisers are subject to review by the Better Business Bureau. Advertisers in KSUSM publications agree that they will not represent themselves in any way as being endorsed by the Kennesaw State University or KSUSM.

Advertiser agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Kennesaw State University, its Board of Regents, and its officers, agents, and employees from and against any and all loss, cost and expense, including reasonable attorney fees resulting from the publication by KSUSM of advertiser’s advertisement.

Sentinel Classified Policies

Abortion and Birth Control - Advertising of birth control products, contraceptives, abortion clinics, and related services is acceptable. KSUSM publications reserve the right to accept or reject advertising of legal products and services.

Adoption - Advertisements by private individuals for adoption are not accepted.

Alcohol - Advertising of beer and wine is acceptable but must conform with Georgia law and Kennesaw State University Alcohol Policy and Guidelines. Advertising of alcohol should avoid demeaning sexual or discriminatory portrayals and not encourage high-risk consumption nor place emphasis on quantity nor frequency of use. Alcohol should not be the only or central theme of an advertisement. Use of brand names and prices are discouraged. All advertisements of alcohol must contain reference to enforcement of the Georgia state drinking age.

Classification - KSUSM reserves the right to withhold publication of any advertisement that does not conform to its policies and assumes no responsibility for ads accidentally omitted. KSUSM publications reserves the right to determine the proper classification for all advertisements.

Credit or Financing - The Truth In Lending Act and Regulation Z affects advertising offering credit, installment payments and financing. Standards concerning acceptability are:

  • Credit and credit card advertisements must clearly and conspicuously disclose all credit terms in the advertisement (annual percentage rate, finance charges, etc.,.),as required by the above laws.
  • The advertisement must state whether the company processes card applications or is a credit card issuer, and if an advance fee is required.
  • “Secured” or “Collateral” credit card account advertisements are not acceptable.
  • Third party financial aid packages advertisements are not acceptable.

Dating Services - Advertising from institutions or organizations known as computer matchmaking or companionship services, computer dating, friendship groups, or marriage clinics, is unacceptable.

Discrimination - KSUSM publications will not accept ads that are discriminatory in nature against any sex, race, color, creed, or religious background. We will not state or imply “man preferred” or “Woman preferred” in an employment ad as this is in violation of Title 7 of the Civil Rights Act, amended in 1972.

Employment Advertising - All Help Wanted ads should state the method of pay (i.e., commission, guarantee, draw, bonus, fee, or other method). Further standards concerning acceptability are:

  • Help Wanted advertisements requiring an investment may not run in the classified “Help Wanted ” columns. Job Offers which require a payment or fee in advance (sales kit, etc.,.) must state so in the advertisement’s copy.
  • All sales ads must indicate that the work is sales. Compensation must be stated (salary, commission,etc.,.).
  • Advertising offers requiring the reader to call or apply at a hotel or motel are acceptable only after permission is obtained in writing from the hotel/motel manager to print the name, address, or phone number in the ad.
  • Advertising offering employment outside the continental limits of the United States must state the sponsor and terms within the advertisement.
  • All advertisers must employ without regard to race, sex, age, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, or country of origin in accordance with the law.

Foreign Language - Advertisements with copy in languages other than English must carry the English translation within the advertisement. The English translation must be verified with the Advertising Office prior to placement.

“Home Work” Offers - Advertisements offering employment opportunities in and from home are subject to review.

Mailing - Under no circumstances may money be sent to a Post Office Box number. It must be sent to a verifiable street address. KSUSM publications investigates complaints from their readers. Whenever such complaints appear to be justified, KSUSM publications reserves the right to refuse all subsequent advertising from the advertiser.

Modeling - Advertisements offering modeling work and/or requesting photographs are not acceptable.

900 - Toll Numbers are not acceptable.

Rentals To Share - Advertisements should state the sex of the advertiser in the ad. Advertisers may identify themselves as to race, religion, color, or national origin, but may not qualify their customers in such a way.

Term Papers - Advertisements for services offering term papers, research papers, or research services are unacceptable.

KSUSM publications reserve the right to reject any advertisement which it deems objectionable due to subject matter, illustration, phraseology, or set-up. Policies may change due to programmatic or editorial decisions.


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