Distance Learning Overview

Welcome to the Office of Distance Learning in the Wellstar College of Health and Human Services. The goal of the Office of Distance Learning in the Wellstar College is to provide faculty with the support and resources necessary to deliver exceptional online courses that are certified through Quality Matters (QM) and the Distance Learning Center (DLC) at Kennesaw State University.

The Office of Distance Learning is committed to serving faculty, staff and students in the design and delivery of high quality, engaging and experiential hybrid and online courses.  The Office of Distance Learning provides faculty development and training, course design assistance, and program planning.  The Office of Distance Learning in Wellstar College supports Goal 1 (Promote excellence and innovation in education through teaching, supervising and mentoring students; research, creative activity, and scholarship; and professional service) of the KSU 2012-2017 Strategic Plan.  In addition, the Office supports Goal 2 (Improve recruitment, retention, progression, and graduation rates (RRPG) in accord with the Complete College Georgia initiative, while continually increasing the quality, breadth, and relevance of academic and co-curricular programs) by providing online education as a means to increase retention, progression and graduation rates.


How to Obtain Training

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In order to be certified to teach online, a faculty member must complete one of the following:

  • Online Course Facilitation Program (OCFP) Workshop
  • CETL's Online Course Development (OCD) Workshop

In order to be certified to develop an online course, a faculty member must complete the following:

  • Teaching Academy for Distance Learning (TADL) Workshop
Digital Learning Innovations

Online vs Hybrid


At KSU, courses can be designated as "traditional," "hybrid," "95% online," or "100% online."  So based on a typical MW or TR lecture class that meets a total of 30 class days (plus a final exam day), the course designations would be as follows:

  • Traditional - Class meets on campus >50% (16 or more class periods) of the class time.
  • Hybrid - Class meets on campus <50% (15 or less class periods) of the class time.
  • 95% Online - Class meets a single class period on campus (typically a final exam).
  • 100% Online - Class never meets on campus.

Contact the Office of Distance Learning for clarification regarding non-traditional classes (e.g., 1 or 2 credit hour classes, labs, internships, etc).


Online Courses and Certified Faculty

For the most current faculty and course information, please see the official KSU Distance Learning Center list of Approved Online Courses and Faculty.

Online Courses and Faculty