Nick Burseth


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Angelique Cooper


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Cathy Estes


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Vahid Fusung

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Marisol Griffiths


  • I am an Atlanta based artist with an extensive background in traditional art and I work to bring that quality into my digital portfolio. I am driven to find a career in either background design, concept art or character design. I love visual storytelling through my illustrations, from large compositions to the tiniest detail, this has always been my goal. 

    I have experience working both freelance and in team environments, having done commission work for pet portraits, portraiture, and two illustrated children’s books of the Ants and the Machine Series by Michael Thomas. My team experience has been in designing, painting and sculpting for Woodstock Market’s Christmas display windows, where I and a team of artists worked together on a tight deadline to sculpt and paint a window display entirely out of foam. These opportunities, which prioritize deadlines and time management skills, are environments that I thrive in. 

    It is my goal to continue to learn and grow in team environments where we can bring stories to life. 

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Hannah Lanehart


  • My work is all about creating characters and the worlds they live in. When it comes to creating the stories for these characters, I gravitate more towards genres like horror, fantasy, and sci-fi. 

    For the longest time, I’ve always been fascinated by character design and world-building. I loved creating fan characters for different franchises I was into, but I would also create original concepts. I was usually drawing creatures, aliens, or monsters. Many of them were humanoid, but it was rare for me to make a straight-up human character. Even now, I still love creating creatures of alien/unknown origin. I have fun giving character designs to beings like angels and demons as well. 

    I don’t create characters just for them to exist. I want them to have meaning and backstory. I want people to relate to them, to be inspired by them, and to understand them. All artist put a piece of themselves into their creations, a

    nd it’s the same with mine. 

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Quincy Montgomery

  • Growing up, I’ve always been a quiet kid who kept to himself and expressed my creativity and personality through art. My pieces showcased my personality and interests. In case it wasn’t noticed, many of my pieces feature some sort of cat. I have never owned one myself but I’ve always found a love for them for their calm and silly demeanor. Other pieces include fan art for the games that I love. Last thing, is I love adding little gags to my pieces. Especially my animations. One of my recent animations was a multi plane where it took place in different parts of a house and the camera ended in the living room. The living room area had a dollhouse and the dolls I drew were based on my entire class. Seeing their reaction really made me keep going with the funny gags in my work and I can’t wait to see where I go from here.

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Kaitlin Morton


  • For me, 3D animation has always been the easiest medium to understand. It feels the most natural, and I’m grateful my desire to animate is not limited by my drawing skills. I enjoy character animation and am excited to continue to improve in acting and body mechanics. Throughout my major, I have discovered an interest in video game animation, and I’m eager to work in that industry.

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Albert Nguyen

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Jenny Nguyen

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