Connect with Top Sales Students 

Corporate Partners have firsthand access to some of the top sales students in the nation through:

  • Classroom visits
  • Role-play sales calls
  • Mentoring
  • Salesperson shadowing
  • Networking events
  • Professional Development Events
ksu business student shadowing another student

Reduced Training Time

When you hire our students, you know they have received cutting - edge, hands-on training, which reduces the amount of training your company must provide. The extensive Center for Professional Selling training also reduces the amount of time required for a new hire to become a profitable asset.

Reduced Turnover

Many who begin a sales career leave the profession because they misunderstand sales or the difficulties they will face in the field. Our students have a firsthand understanding of what it takes to be successful, they understand the sales process, and they are prepared for the difficulties salespeople face. Graduates of our program see a 30% lower turnover rate than average entry-level sales positions.

Business-to-business Consultative Selling

A discount is available to corporate partners to go through our business-to-business Consultative Selling program.

Recruiting Opportunities

Corporate partners can offer internships and career opportunities for students.

Opportunities to Strengthen Your Existing Sales Team

Corporate partners can take advantage of reduced rates for professional sales training and consulting.

National Collegiate Sales Competition

The National Collegiate Sales Competition (NCSC) founded in 1999, provides a venue for dedicated collegiate sales students to improve their skills and pursue career opportunities with top professional sales organizations. The NCSC facilitates the engagement of industry sales leaders with leading sales professors from across the U.S. Graduates from participating schools enjoy a 30% lower turnover rate and a 50% faster ramp-up time compared to other entry-level sales hires.


The Partnership Commitment

  • Corporate Partners have the opportunity to work with KSU and the Center for Professional Selling to offer full-time or part-time internships for students.
  • Corporate partners participate as judges and also role-play participants during our annual student sales competition. Winners represent KSU in the National Collegiate Sales Competition held each spring on the KSU campus.

  • Corporate partners sit on the Center for Professional Selling Advisory Board. The Board meets twice each year to provide insights into and direction for curriculum issues and programs. In addition, the director of the Center for Professional Selling is in contact on a regular basis with the advisory board members to discuss new opportunities for programs, curriculum, and student placement.
  • Corporate Partners may visit and participate in our sales classes or in the Center for Professional Selling lecture series.
  • Our partners are asked to be available to mentor students in the sales program. You can play a role in helping them fully understand the life and career of a professional salesperson.

Advisory Board

Corporate partners sit on the Center for Professional Selling Advisory Board. The Board meets twice each year to provide insights and direction for curriculum issues and programs.