Returned Peace Corps Program 

About the Program  

You have served two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer and had experiences of a lifetime that no one can take away from you. Why not go the extra step and enhance those practical experiences with a Master’s or PhD degree? Kennesaw State University’s Peace Corps Coverdell Fellows Program allows you to continue your studies at the graduate level. 
As a Peace Corps Coverdell Fellow, this is an opportunity to combine academic and professional endeavors with your desire to work in underserved communities. At the same time, it allows the Fellow to reintegrate into a community and do something meaningful after your experience abroad. 
Through the Peace Corp Coverdell Program, you will receive a 9-credit tuition waiver and stipend for fall and spring semesters. The program offers Graduate Research Assistantships for up to four academic semesters in this degree program. Fellows are responsible for any premium tuition, student fees, and mandatory health insurance. 
Interested students can continue their studies as a KSU Coverdell Fellow in the following KSU graduate programs. Please note that acceptance into a graduate program does not guarantee automatic acceptance into the Fellows Program.  

  • Master of Business Administration 
    The Coles Master of Business Administration (MBA)is a professional degree providing a broad base of general business knowledge along with several market-based, business-related concentrations. The MBA Program is designed to prepare graduates for middle and upper-level management positions. The program seeks to develop in its students an understanding of managerial behavior and decision-making within the economic, social, and political environments of business operations. Students are empowered with the tools to improve their communication and leadership abilities, increase quantitative and qualitative analytical expertise and upgrade decision-making skills. MBA students also develop effective teaming relationships with subordinates, peers, supervisors, and external constituents. 
    See program information here
  • The Master of Public Administration (MPA) is a professional degree that prepares persons interested in public service for administrative and leadership positions in governmental agencies and nonprofit organizations. The program’s student and teaching oriented faculty seek to contribute to the development of professional individuals with an ethos of democratic administration by providing them with a combination of solid academic learning and concrete practical experiences. The MPA Program is located in the School of Government and International Affairs. The Program works in cooperation with a number of other departments as well as the A. L. Burruss Institute of Public Service that provides community services and technical assistance to nonprofit and public organizations in Georgia. 

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  • The American Studies Program at Kennesaw State University is a flexible two-year MA with a mix of evening face-to-face and online classes. American Studies is an interdisciplinary field which concentrates on the study of the United States and the Americas. Students in our program at KSU choose courses and research projects that fit their own academic and professional goals from a mix of courses emphasizing the fields of history, literature, political science, critical studies of popular culture, economics, sociology, anthropology, and the fine arts among others. 

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  • The MS in Conflict Management (MSCM) is a 16-month cohort program that prepares students to addresses the issues that divide our world by encouraging communication, fostering positive relationships and developing comprehensive, long-term solutions. Conflict management is both a way of thinking and a skillset that can help prevent conflict and effectively engage it once it arises. The MSCM program focuses on preparing practitioners for a global world and the PhD program provides students opportunities to develop answers to original research questions. 
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  • The Coles Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS) teaches analysis, scoping and controlled use of business data and technology to refine processes, optimize decisions, and implement strategies in order to derive business value. Working professionals benefit from the hybrid nature of delivery and the flexible pace of study. Full time students benefit from professionally experienced professors and real life opportunities for projects and industry engagements.  
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  • The Master of Science in International Policy Management (MSIPM) is a cohort-based online degree program that builds on Kennesaw State University’s strong tradition and long-standing commitment to international education. The program prepares future leaders in the private and public sectors to understand the interaction between political and economic dynamics in the global context. 
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  • The PhD in International Conflict Management at Kennesaw State University (KSU) currently has students from around the world, creating a dynamic, yet intimate, educational environment. International Conflict Management is a field that currently has few opportunities for advanced training. This PhD program offers several key elements unavailable in most other doctoral programs in this field to top-quality, advanced graduate students. Each doctoral student, after completing the core courses, is given the flexibility to focus their studies in their desired area. 
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For Undergraduate Students

The Peace Corps Prep Program is offered by the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies. The program is compiled of courses that will complement your major and will build competencies through coursework, hands-on experience, and professional development support. The 4 competencies are: 

  • Training and experience in a specific work sector 
  • Foreign language skills 
  • Intercultural competence 
  • Professional and leadership development 
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