Education Abroad Office Resources

Kennesaw State University’s Education Abroad Office is committed to providing resources for all students wishing to go abroad. Below are several information headers with local and nationally-accredited resources available for KSU students. If you would like more information on any of these topics please contact your program coordinator.

Local & Nationally-Accredited Resources

  • Students with special needs whether physical, mental, and/or emotional should seek guidance from a licensed medical provider when considering an education abroad program. Below are additional resources for prospective students with special needs:

    • Student Disability Services at Kennesaw State is the first contact for students with disabilities. They can help arrange accommodations and locate campus and community resources.

    • Mobility International USA is an organization that provides Non-KSU programs specifically tailored for students with disabilities. Remember to talk with our office before moving forward with a Non-KSU education abroad program by requesting info.

    • The State Department provides resources for students with disabilities wishing to go abroad.  Additionally, the website allows students to identify specific in-country resources.
  • Race and ethnicity is often interpreted differently dependent on location. A country such as France may interpret race and ethnicity differently from a country like China. Because of these different understandings, the Education Abroad Office recognizes that students may encounter discrimination based on race and/or ethnicity when abroad. Below are resources that students can utilize to be better prepared when witnessing or experiencing different interpretations of race and ethnicity abroad as well as possible discrimination:

    • Cultural Awareness and Resource Center: Students are highly encouraged to visit the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs to learn more about multiculturalism and how to create an inclusive environment that fosters educational excellence.

    • PLATO is a program that has numerous resources including student testimonials for traditionally underrepresented students wishing to study abroad.

    • Diversity Abroad prepares students of traditionally underrepresented races and ethnicities to acclimating abroad with resources and rhetorical, thought-provoking questions.
  • Practicing one’s religion, spiritual belief, or faith in another country can be different from how one might practice their religion, spiritual belief, or faith in the United States. Students wishing to practice their religion, spiritual belief, or faith abroad are encouraged to consult with the following resources:

    • The State Department provides a yearly status report of religious freedom in every country. This report is in accordance with the International Religious Freedom Act of 1998.

    • The Pluralism Project, which is run by Harvard University, seeks to provide specific resources for practitioners of different religions, spiritual beliefs, and faiths.

    • Diversity Abroad provides questions that spur critical thinking as well as additional resources for students to consider for religion, spirituality, and faith abroad.
  • Gender roles and gender expression are interpreted differently around the world. It is important for students to consider how gender expressions may be interpreted differently abroad and what resources are available for all students, no matter their gender expression:

    • The Women’s Resource and Interpersonal Violence Prevention Center at Kennesaw State is available for all students seeking guidance and information in relation to gender inclusivity.

    • The State Department provides specific resources for women travelers who wish to study abroad and mention that many women travel safely each year without incident.

    • Diversity Abroad offers resources and tips for women wishing to travel abroad as well as rhetorical questions that help women research and prepare for their time abroad.
  • The Education Abroad Office is proud to have several staff members who have completed Safe Space training at Kennesaw State University. For additional resources, Students who self-identify within the LGBTQ+ spectrum have several resources to consider when researching study abroad opportunities:

    • LGBTQ+ Student Programs sponsors programs and has full-time staff available throughout the academic year and summer for students who wish to engage and better understand LGBTQ+ resources.

    • Brandeis University has compiled resources from other universities, organizations, and student testimonials specifically for transgender students wishing to study abroad. These resources review topics such as airport security, destination advice, and even provides access to the International LGBTI Association.

    • Diversity Abroad offers a plethora of resources for LGBTQ students wishing to study abroad including how students can prepare to have potentially challenging conversations abroad.
  • Adult and non-traditional aged students are able to study abroad on any education abroad program as long as they meet the application requirements of the program they are interested in. Recognizing that adult and non-traditional aged students may face specific obstacles when preparing to study abroad, the following resources have been collected:

    • Adult and Commuter Student Affairs at Kennesaw State offers great resources and staff to help adult and non-traditional aged students navigate the university.

    • NAFSA, a national organization dedicated to internationalization has a detailed document of resources for students who wish to study abroad and that self-identify as adult and non-traditional aged.

    • The State Department offers resources related to travel documentation and health for students that self-identify as older travelers.
  • First-Generation (First-Gen) college students are students who self-identify as the first in their family (usually immediate family) to attend college with the intention of earning a college degree. Often, First-Gen students are faced with obstacles related to the college experience because they are the first to go to college in their family. First-Gen students, like all students, are highly encouraged to study abroad. The resources below are designed to help First-Gen students navigate the possibility of adding education abroad to their college careers:

    • Norman J. Radow College of Humanities and Social Sciences
      Kennesaw State is one of the few universities in the country that offers a learning community specifically for First-Gen students. Faculty and staff, often First-Gen alums, are recruited to mentor First-Gen students through their college experience.

    • Diversity Abroad
      Diversity Abroad offers numerous resources for First-Gen students including specific “Destination Guides.”

    • The Institute for Study Abroad offers interview transcripts with First-Gen students who studied abroad. The interview transcripts are designed to answer questions that a prospective First-Gen student may have when considering studying abroad.
  • Students with high financial need may feel that studying abroad is not possible. While the Education Abroad Office in partnership with faculty and international universities strives to make programs as affordable as possible, the following resources are designed to inform students of opportunities and resources that may make studying abroad a more viable option:

    • Kennesaw State’s Office of Financial Aid is staffed with full-time professionals who students can meet with to discuss financial aid opportunities and answer questions related to how financial aid is dispersed.

    • The Global Learning Financial Support, provided by Global Education, is available for all qualifying students at KSU wishing to go abroad. If awarded, this scholarship can lower the program cost for a student.

    • Diversity Abroad offers several tips and resources for students with high financial need wishing to go abroad, including access to scholarships and fundraising ideas.  

Alumni of study abroad, if you would like to anonymously share your study abroad experience with prospective students or would like to share resources of your own, please reach out to your program coordinator or our office at