The official Esports Program at KSU started in fall of 2020, but in truth, esports have been a part of KSU student life for many years prior to the creation of the formal program. Prior to the official program, the Esports Club at KSU existed as a means to connect gaming students interested in all levels of play, from the casual to the competitive. In the fall of 2019, a small task force was created out of the growing interest in and impact of esports activity at KSU. This committee consisted of representatives from a wide variety of stakeholders, including KSU Athletics, the Division of Student Affairs, the College of Computing and Software Engineering, and most importantly, current KSU students. Through the work of this committee, KSU was able to launch its first-ever, university-sponsored esports tournament in March 2020, named Game On, KSU. Based on the success of this program and a vision for the future of esports at KSU, former President Pamela Whitten laid the groundwork for the creation of the formal program we see today. 

Mission/Vision Statements

The Esports Program at Kennesaw State University provides a holistic esports experience for all students, regardless of skill level, through intercollegiate competition, campus-based events, dedicated space and resources, and support programs. By our efforts, we hope to create an esports experience at KSU that is accessible, enjoyable, and developmental for every KSU student who engages in this program. 


Accessibility - esports should be an activity that any student can participate in, regardless of skill level, personal equipment, physical disability, or any other barrier to play. 

Diversity - esports activities are more enjoyable and successful when multiple voices and perspectives are heard and valued. 

Integrity - engaging in esports activities should be characterized by all parties abiding by a common set of ethics and values, including fair play, respect, and honesty. 

Wellness - participation in any university activity should not come at the cost of ones total wellness (physical, mental, emotional), and esports is no different. 

Excellence - esports teams should strive to be the best representatives of KSU both in and out of game. 


Norman Reid
Program Coordinator for Esports

Norman graduated in May 2020 from KSU at the age of 20 with a Bachelor's in Computer Science. Having collected all the credits needed to graduate high school in the 11th grade, he started out as a dual-enrolled freshman at KSU during his senior year of high school in 2016. 

Throughout his undergraduate career, he was very involved with the KSU Esports Club and the esports scene. His involvement ranged from serving as an officer in the club for 3 years, specifically president for 2 years, to playing on competitive teams that represented the university, to playing on teams in the amateur League of Legends scene. 

In addition to having experience as a player, he worked as a contracted coach for the Esports Performance Academy (EPA). EPA focuses on holistic player development and works with individuals, teams, high schools, and universities to bridge the gap to professional play.

Now, while pursuing his Masters in Computer Science, Norman brings all of these experiences to his position as Esports Program Coordinator at KSU and works alongside upper administration and other staff at KSU to better the esports experience for all students.
"Let's make KSU a major player in the collegiate esports space." - Norman Reid


Student Assistants 

This position supports the work of the Esports Program at Kennesaw State University. Students in this position will work on projects for the Esports Program which range from staffing at events, collaborative work with other departments at KSU, creating marketing materials, managing social media, and much more.