Admission Appeal Process at the Academy

Welcome to the Admission Appeal process for the Academy program. If you've received an admission decision and wish to appeal, contact the Appeals Committee at Ensure your admissions packet is complete and submit all required documents as needed. Get to know the requirements for both the Academic, Social, and Career Enrichment Program (ASCE) appeal and the Advanced Leadership and Career Development Program (ALCD) appeal process.

We look forward to assisting you with your admission appeal!

Academic, Social, and Career Enrichment Program (ASCE)

An applicant may appeal the Academy’s admission decision. Appeals of the Academy’s admission decision may be filed with the Academy Appeals Committee by contacting (Attention: Appeals Committee). The applicant is invited to submit additional documentation for the Appeals Committee to review. All appeals under these procedures will be based primarily on the written record – the Academy may decide to grant an interview, if indicated, but in accordance with university practice, appeals are usually concluded via document review.

Students must have a complete admissions packet on file before an appeal will be reviewed. Applicants with incomplete admission packets are not eligible for appeal.

A proper appeal should contain the following:

  • a one page typed and signed cover letter stating the appeal is being requested with a paragraph explaining why you wish to attend the KSU Academy (minimum of 100 words)
  • documentation of additional experiences to be considered
  • two additional (non-family) reference letters on letterhead from a teacher, counselor, coach, clergy, or employer 

Applicants should write their own appeal letter and submit new documents to support any points made in their case, if appropriate. Your appeal letter must contain a phone number and email address. All appeal decisions are sent via email and are final.

The Academy Appeals Committee considers appeal packets annually during Spring Semester for the following fall semester. 

Your appeal packet must include an appeal form obtained from Academy Admissions at  All your appeal materials must be received by the KSU Academy Admissions Appeals Committee no later than deadline (see above). Registered mail requiring signature validation does not deliver directly to the KSU Academy office. It is received by the KSU mail room personnel and then routed to the KSU Academy office the following business day.

Send Appeal materials in a complete packet to:

Kennesaw State University
Academy Admissions Appeals Committee
520 Parliament Garden Way, NW  MD 4101
Kennesaw, GA 30144

Advanced Leadership and Career Development Program (ALCD)

The Academy recognizes that the ALCD program can have a profound impact on a student’s future and that students and their parents, guardians, and supporters may become invested in their successful admission into and completion of the ALCD program. However, a student’s participation in and successful completion of the ASCE program does not automatically entitle the student to an invitation into the ALCD program. Rather, the student is evaluated in accordance with the above criteria. The Academy will make every effort to keep participants informed of their progress within the ASCE program, but may determine, in accordance with the above criteria, that a student is unprepared to move to the ALCD program. In such instances, the Academy will inform the student of their status in writing. A student who disagrees with the Academy’s written determination will be allowed to appeal the decision as follows:

  1. Students must submit the following documents within ten business days of receipt of the written determination regarding progression to ALCD to initiate an appeal:
  2. A written statement of the student’s interest in the ALCD program which shall include evidence demonstrating that the student has satisfied all of the Mandatory Criteria and the majority of the Secondary Criteria.
  3. Positive recommendation from a professor, advisor, or current member of the Academy staff.
  4. Positive recommendation from a professional outside the Academy who is unrelated to the student. This recommendation must include examples of the student’s professional and interpersonal skills.
  5. The Executive Directive will review the written appeal and issue a written decision within ten business days of receipt of the Appeal Documents. The Executive Director may request an oral interview with the student prior to the issuance of the Executive Director’s decision. Following the issuance of the Executive Director’s written decision, the student may submit a final appeal to the Dean of the Wellstar College. This appeal must include all of the information previously submitted to the Executive Director.