Academy Program FAQs

The Academy programs provide a supportive environment for you to strive for independence and personal growth. Explore our frequently asked questions to learn more about attendant care, housing options, financial aid, support services, and more. We aim to empower our students to become self-sufficient adults while offering opportunities for academic and social development.

  • No. Attendant care, if needed, for any Academy student must be provided by the family.
  • Student motivation to become an independent adult. No major emotional or behavioral problems.
  • Yes. Students may apply for themed housing through the Academy once accepted into the program.
  • No. Academy students are expected to follow the same code of conduct as all KSU students and will utilize the KSU resident supports as needed. Students are required to manage all personal care.
  • No. The Academy is a fully inclusive program using natural supports and resources available on campus and "teachable moments" with staff and mentors. All Academy students participate in Academy Seminars addressing topics related to Career, Academic and Social Adjustment. Independent living and adult living topics are embedded in the Academy curriculum.
    • Yes, Academy students may qualify for Pell Grant funding for eligible students. Students enrolled in IPSE programs qualify for a grant to cover a portion of matriculation fees.  The Academy also offers scholarships for both Fall and Spring terms.

    • Academy students do not qualify for traditional student loan programs

    • Yes.  Only fully accepted and returning students can apply.  Scholarships are available in both the Fall and Spring.

    • Please refer to the list of scholarships available on our website.
  • All diploma types from an accredited high school are accepted with graduation dates.
  • The Academy hires current Kennesaw State University students to be peer mentors for Academy audit students and assist them with academics and internships.
  • Unfortunately, international students must apply to and meet the admissions standards for a degree-seeking program to be able to apply for an I-20 student visa. The Academy for Inclusive Learning and Social Growth programs offer certificates only.
  • The Academy will do our best to assist in providing only the necessary paperwork we can assist with such as schedules and book list.  Unfortunately, we are not able to provide any additional assistance.  Please contact your local GVRA office.
  • The Academy ensures student engagement in the dorms by placing Academy students together in KSU dormitories.  Roommate placement is largely based on student accommodation requests.  Students are not encouraged to pre-select their dorm facility or roommate without discussing the decision with our Social Advisor.
  • No.  Living on-campus is a family decision, our students can commute to KSU.  However, our commuter students are provided some flexible but are still required to meet CTP hours as outlined by the program.  CTP hours such as social hours, study halls, and class attendance.