BSN & TEAS Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQs help you find answers to common inquiries regarding the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program in the Wellstar School of Nursing. From prerequisites to application processes, Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) exams, and program details, this comprehensive guide aims to address your concerns and provide clarity on navigating through the admissions process and requirements. Whether you're a prospective student, a transfer applicant, or seeking information on TEAS exams, we've got you covered with essential information to help you prepare for you for a career in nursing.

BSN Frequently Asked Questions

  • STAT 1401 is preferred and exceptions are rarely made. For further inquiry, please speak to your academic advisor. 
  • No, psychology is a Social Science. The natural sciences include chemistry, biology, and physics courses. Please note that any natural science courses cannot be older than 10 years old from the time of the nursing application deadline. 
  • Yes, you must complete all 11 prerequisites prior to the start of the program. No, you cannot complete the prerequisites at the same time as nursing program. You will not be allowed to start the program if all 11 are not completed.
  • Either is acceptable—just make sure both are completed by the nursing application deadline.
  • Admissions into the nursing program is a competitive process. GPA, ATI TEAS score, number of completed prerequisites and the grades of those prerequisites are all equally considered.
  • No
  • Yes. If you are transferring, apply as an undergraduate transfer student seeking a degree as a nursing interest major. Once accepted, you will have access to the nursing application on Owl Express.
  • No, for several reasons. The nursing program is not its own entity as it is a program under Kennesaw State University and is run through KSU’s  Wellstar School of Nursing. Additionally, acceptance into KSU is a prerequisite to access the nursing application, which is located on the student portal, Owl Express. And, as stated before, this is a program under KSU, so all classes, including nursing, are run by KSU. 
  • The BSN and the ABSN program are Baccalaureate programs meaning you must apply to Undergraduate Admissions. If you apply to the graduate college, you will not be able apply to this program.

    Regardless of degree status, if you have over 30 semester hours or 50 quarter hours of transferable college credit, then you will be classified as an undergraduate transfer student.

  • We recommend at least 3 months prior to the nursing application deadline to allow time for processing. Please apply to the term you wish to start the nursing program. If your desired term is not available, please complete your application with any available term and reach out to General Admissions to update your entrance term.

    For example: If you wish to start the nursing program in Fall 2024, then the nursing application deadline is January 31st 2024.  Therefore, you should apply to KSU general admissions by October 31st 2023 and select Fall 2024 as the start term. If that term is not available, you may select the next available term then immediately contact Undergraduate Admissions to have it changed to Fall 2024.

    Once you have been accepted to Kennesaw State University, you will be able to access the Nursing application in Owl Express. For questions about Undergraduate Admissions, visit the admissions website or email

  • As the university continues to grow, lead time on admissions into the university may increase. Additionally, this will allow time for transcripts to be received from your previous institution and be processed by the KSU’s registrar's office.

    While this may seem very far in advance, everything must be processed and available to us by the nursing application deadline. If it is not, then we will not be able to move forward with your application.


    Yes. Kennesaw State accepts transferable credits from regionally accredited institutions. Nursing admissions abides by the Office of Registrar's policies on transfer equivalency. You may use the OWL Transfer database to check the likely outcome of your transfer courses to KSU. You may also refer to the transfer services for more information.

    Please note that nursing credits from other nursing programs are not transferrable.

  • No—they are not part of our application process at this time.
  • No, there are no required certifications or licenses to apply to the Nursing program. While having the experience of a CNA certificate or other license may help you in the nursing courses, it will not affect your application or the admissions process.
  • Yes
  • The main requirements (GPA, TEAS, and 11 prerequisites) are the same and the information taught is the exact same. Additionally, one is not more prestigious than the other.

    The two main differences are:

    1. For the Accelerated track, you must have an awarded Baccalaureate degree (in any area of study) prior to entering the program.
    2. The Accelerated track will be completed in 4 semesters (1.5 years) with no summer breaks instead of 6 semesters (2 years). This means more classes taken per semester.
  • The cost will vary by semester and other factors such as in-state and out-of-state tuition. Please refer to Financial Aid’s estimated cost of attendance. For examples, of additional fees and expenses you may incur, including those specific to the nursing program, please refer to the Tuition, Expenses, and Financial Aid section of the KSU Undergraduate Catalog.
  • This will vary by semester depending on which courses you are taking at the time. We recommend that students have as much availability as possible, including weekends. Clinicals, skill labs, and simulation labs are held 7 days a week at various hours including evening and nights.

    Students must be flexible and be able to attend their assigned clinical days and have their own reliable transportation.

  • No. KSU does not offer any bridge programs of any kind
  • Affiliation with Wellstar does not provide any special consideration to an applicant. All candidates will be considered equally on their GPA, prerequisite courses, and ATI TEAS score.
  • While Kennesaw State University does not require certain vaccinations, our clinical site partners do. As guests at these facilities, you must adhere to clinical agency credentialing requirements to attend clinical. This includes all vaccination requirements of the agency. Very few agencies allow exemptions, and they are not guaranteed. These decisions are made solely by the agency, not the Wellstar School of Nursing. Successfully completing clinical is a requirement for progression in the nursing program.

TEAS Frequently Asked Questions

  • The TEAS stands for Test of Essential Academic Skills and is used to assess students in reading, math, science and English. This test is used by nursing programs to gauge potential nursing student’s academic success. 
  • No, all nursing applicants must complete the ATI TEAS Exam. 
  • You must take the TEAS within 5 years prior to the applicable nursing application deadline.   
  • You must register for the TEAS through ATI directly - we do not host these exams. For information on study material, coupon codes, or how to register, please refer to student testing. 
  • A score of 78 or higher is strongly recommended but lower scores may possibly be considered. However, due to high numbers of applicants, most students accepted to the nursing program score at least a 78.
  • This average varies by semester and size of the cohort, however, the scores normally average between 84 and 86.
  • Effective January 2023, we no longer limit the number of attempts on the TEAS Exam. 
  • Immediately after completing the test
  • You may take it the next day, if you wish.
  • You may take it up to the deadline of the applicable nursing application period, but you must ensure that your scores are sent to Kennesaw State University (if taken at another testing location or remotely).
  • We will use the highest score taken within 5 years prior to the nursing application deadline.
  • Yes.
  • No. If you take the test remotely or at a different testing center, you must send us an electronic copy of your official scores. During the test, please select “Kennesaw State U BSN” from the drop down when prompted.

    If you have already taken the TEAS exam, please log into your ATI account and send it to “Kennesaw State U BSN”.

  • Please refer to the ATI TEAS Registration page and follow the rescheduling instructions that best suit your situation. 
  • Scores must be no older than 5 years from the date of the applicable nursing application deadline. TEAS 5.0 scores will not be accepted.