Art4980 Senior Portfolio, Spring 2023
Professor Kristine Hwang Kim

Featuring Senior Students: 

Featured artwork, above, courtesy of :
Left: Package Design — Joel Kayamba — "Roots Soap" advertising and packaging design: Hand soap labels, multiple soaps container, shopping bag, and magazine advertisement
Right: Interactive Media Design — Grace Nation -—"Kiosk design for Chipotle" to help make it more efficient to order food


Samantha Beggs

Samantha Beggs currently studies Graphic Communications in the College of the Arts. She loves to include unique, illustrative, and whimsical elements in lots of her work (don’t be surprised if there’s a cat hidden somewhere in it). She works as freelance graphic designer for The Centergy Project and has published graphics in their educational book The Wraparound Guide. Her specialties lie in branding, illustration, typography, UX/UI design, and more. Outside of the classroom, she runs her own business selling handmade jewelry and artwork. Her passion for creating and streak of entrepreneurialism is not only helpful in that regard, but also aids in working with clients and peers. Post-graduation, Samantha plans on taking the graphic design world by storm and simultaneously growing her business, one cup of coffee at a time.

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Rhiannon Clements

My name is Rhiannon and I'm a freelance graphic designer based in Atlanta. I'm also currently pursuing my degree in Graphic Communications at Kennesaw State University. When I'm not designing, I enjoy reading, playing video games, spoiling my cat, and learning new things.

With several years of experience in the industry, I've had the opportunity to work with hundreds of clients from diverse backgrounds and fields. I've developed a passion for creating functional and dynamic design solutions that solve problems and meet my clients' needs.

Whether it's a branding project, a book cover design, or a print layout, I always approach each project with a focus on how it can communicate its message effectively.

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Nick Collins

Nick Collins is a Graphic Designer/Illustrator based in Woodstock, Georgia. His passion for illustration was sparked at a young age, and his love for graphic design developed during college. His work is heavily inspired by his fascination with films and games, such as "The Lord of the Rings" and "Oblivion," which he grew up watching and playing. He enjoys combining his illustrative abilities with design, resulting in a strong attraction to creating logos, posters, drink labels, and merchandise. His goal is to create a business that allows him to express his artistic abilities and perfect his craft forever.

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Brittany Cox

Brittany Cox is a graphic design and apparel and textiles major at Kennesaw State University, where she will graduate in May 2023. She has gained valuable experience in both traditional and digital design techniques while working as a Graphic Design Student Assistant at the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning and as a Graphic Arts Intern at Verasoni. She is proficient in the Adobe Creative Suite including Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, XD, and Premiere Pro, as well as experience in Canva, web design, Microsoft Word, Excel, and social media management, which enables her to create a wide range of visual content.

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Savannah Ent

Savannah Ent is a graphic designer and illustrator located in Atlanta, Georgia. She is attending Kennesaw State University as a Graphic Communications major, where she has developed proficiency in the entire Adobe Suite, but specializes in Illustrator and Indesign. Her skills mainly lie in Editorial & Publication Design, Web Design, and Illustration. Her work consists of versatile designs inspired by the constant ebb and flow of trends and styles. She strives to create art that inspires creativity in others. She hopes to work with creative companies that will challenge and help her grow as an artist. Her other passions include video games, pottery, and reading.

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Musa Figueroa

My name is Musa Figueroa. I am a Graphic and Motion Designer, from Chicago, Illinois and based in Atlanta, Georgia. I am a multimedia styled artist with experience in photo, video, and painting. I have lots of different inspirations from video games to films to other artists that I’ve come across as I’ve explored my journey as an artist. Such as works of composite artist Jati Putra Pratama, the dramatic lighting and effects of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Movie and color work of Dreamworks The Road to El Dorado. While I did not originally want to become an artist, I felt my life would feel more complete expressing myself in the arts in new and unique ways. I am very adaptable and constantly pushing myself for better or worse. As a Graphic Designer, I have learned how I can work to combine my multiple different passions into something that I can call my own unique style. And that is what has pushed me forward in my everyday life.

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Tyler Hariraksatakoon

I am a 26-year-old art student from Bangkok, Thailand. I grew up being interested in fashion, interior, and graphic design. After I discovered wedding stationery design, my interest and aesthetic started to focus more on the elegant and clean design. Graphic design interests me the most because it allows me to express art and design through different types of clients. My aesthetic is elegant, clean, and simple, yet it is still purposefully thought out. I have worked with several clients on custom project needs, but still has so much to learn. 

My career goal as a graphic designer is to utilize my design skills to create compelling and effective visual communication that resonates with my clients’ target audiences. I plan to stay up-to-date with the latest de- sign trends and technologies, continuously improve my skills, and collaborate with clients to understand their needs and deliver creative solutions that exceed their expectations. Ultimately, I aim to build a reputation as a skilled and reliable designer.

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Joel Kayamba

Kayla Mack is an interdisciplinary artist who optimizes brands and visuals in a unique way. Her work includes an extensive variety of graphic design, conceptual photography, portraiture, and illustrations. Her eclectic compositions utilize interesting approaches to color, typography, and principles of design. 

Kayla will be graduating in Spring 2022, earning her BFA with a concentration in Graphic Communications from Kennesaw State University. Alongside her bachelor’s degree, she has also completed a minor in Marketing. This has helped her further understand the commercial aspect of advertising while allowing her to market her work to the right audience and clientele. She is passionate about branding, design, entrepreneurship, fashion, and photography. In a constantly changing world, she strives for receptiveness by seeking new opportunities to learn and progress her skill set.

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Laura Krueger

I am Laura Jean, the visionary behind Snailstone! In creating my brand, I aim to encourage people to think more consciously about the ways they consume. Through art and graphic imagery, I hope to steer people towards choosing the more sustainable option for their health and the health of the planet. Aside from my graphic design, I enjoy traditional painting, roller skating, and meditating to electronic music. In my art, I often focus on themes of spirituality, metaphysics, and fantasy. I believe art should connect us to our inner child to help bring outer peace to the world.

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Chandler Morris

My name is Chandler B. Morris. In a small town in northwest Georgia called Cartersville, I grew up around a hard-working community that taught me the importance of good service and dedication. I graduated from Georgia Highlands College and Kennesaw State University to earn a Graphic Communications degree. Professionally, I am a graphic designer who specializes in Brand Design, Logo Design, and Publication Design. As a designer, I value excellence, timeliness, and creativity. Through these values, I can offer you high-quality work at fast delivery times, great customer service, and support. Outside of my work, I can be found practicing traditional art, researching interesting topics, working out at the local gym, and enjoying a vareity of video games. These activities inspire me to give it my all when I return to my work. I hope to do the same with whatever projects you hire me to do, big or small!

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Grace Nation

Grace Nation is a graphic designer who lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia. Her distinctive personal style emanates modernistic and professionalism and has a very diverse style. With the combination of her graphic communication, coding and leadership skills Grace is an amazing partner to have on your team. As a child Grace was very creative and received prizes for her innate talent in school art shows. From a young age she has believed, “You can create anything once you see it in your mind.” She earned a Bachelor of Graphic communications from Kennesaw State University. She now currently works for Sky Blue Realty in Austin Texas as a graphic designer and has been working for them for a full year now. Grace’s work is now currently displayed and used for Sky Blue Realty's website. She also has a background in teaching and once worked for Fulton County School Systems for 3 years as a substitute teacher. She tends to use her leadership skills in her work today when working with other co-workers and clients.

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Amanda Reif

Amanda Reif was born in Brunei, Borneo, and grew up in Marietta, Georgia. Growing up she was always drawing, crafting, and painting. She especially enjoyed art classes at school and photography. At Kennesaw State University she was naturally drawn to the fine arts college, which led her to pursue a major in Graphic Communications. Her goals as an artist are to become a well-rounded artist while creating sustainable art for a better, more eco-friendly future. Currently, she is serving on the student board of AIGA as the secretary and working at Notion LLC as Graphic Design and Assistant Marketer.

In addition to digital media art, she also enjoys creating mixed media pieces. She has exhibited this work at the Zuckerman Museum of Art in Kennesaw, GA, Heart Soul and Art in Marietta, GA, and Acworth Art Alliance in Acworth, GA.
If Amanda is not working on her next big art project, you can find her taking a hike in the woods, creating something new in the kitchen, or exploring new restaurants in Atlanta.

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Emily Rockholt

Emily Rockholt is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Atlanta. Her professional goal is to create things that are beautiful, meaningful, and effective. She prides herself in being detail oriented in all projects from vision to execution. Her curiosity, hunger for knowledge, and passion for the ability to communicate through design have allowed her to become an always growing, all in one creative team. 

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Amy Sanchez

Hello, my name is Amy Sanchez. I will graduate from Kennesaw State University with a B.F.A in Graphic Communications. From early childhood, I have always been creating art and designing from taking AP art to graphic design classes in high school. My design style blends minimalism and modernism to create designs that are visually engaging and timeless. I have design skills in advertising, packaging, editorial, web, publication, photography, branding, and logo design. I am proficient working with Adobe XD, Illustrator, Photoshop, Lightroom, and InDesign. I specialize in providing high quality design, reliable accessibility, and diverse versatility.

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Haley Sartori

My name is Haley Sartori. I’m a motivated, active, student with an exceptional work ethic. I seek to attain a position in Graphic Design. I have experience in designing Business cards, Letterheads, Logos, and Infographics. Some of the media I use to execute my designs are Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign, and Adobe After Effects. From a young age, I have discovered and grown a passion for art. Since then I have been on a journey of fostering my own professional pursuit in Graphic Design. I am a very sociable person as being able to make connections with people from all over has always been important to me. Having a love for Graphic Design really drives me to continuously want to enrich my skills everyday. I push to be the best I can be. I'm incredibly blessed to have found my passion in life. Being able to do what I love and do it a lot truly drives me to reach my goals in design.

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