KSU MBA Alumni Spotlight

photo of ksu mba alumnus andres martinez

Andres Martinez, MBA

Management, Delta Air Lines
Atlanta, GA

Learn more about Andres’ journey to and experience with KSU MBA.


Why did you choose to return back to school to pursue your MBA?

​I always knew I wanted to get a master's degree. I pursued an MBA because it was the perfect degree to combine with my engineering bachelor's degree to learn the business and commercial world.

Why did you choose KSU in your MBA pursuit?

I found it had the best return of investment, a great reputation, and experienced and distinguished faculty.

How have you balanced work, life and school during your time as a KSU MBA student?

I was always intentional. I strategically allocated my time, focused on what was a priority, created a schedule, and took care of my physical and mental health by going running and staying close and connected to my family and church.

What bit of advice do you have for a prospective student looking to earn their MBA?

If you have been thinking about pursuing higher education to learn more and advance your career, take the first step by exploring KSU's program. You won't regret it.

What do you hope to do once you complete your MBA? Career pivot? Advance within current industry?

I wanted to learn new skills, without leaving my industry, and form a network so that I could learn from other professionals working at similarly great companies.