The KSU MBA Referral Rewards Program

The Kennesaw State University MBA programs are consistently ranked both nationally and internationally among the world’s best MBA programs. Our current student and alumni referrals are a top source for helping us attract other qualified applicants. You understand the rigor of our program, the tools students need in order to be successful in the program, and the types of candidates we look to attract to the KSU MBA program.

The KSU MBA Referral Rewards Program is a WIN-WIN for everyone! By referring a colleague, friend, or family member to our program who meets admissions criteria, enrolls, and successfully completes their first six credit hours, you will receive $500. In addition to the monetary perk, you’re also helping your referral get a high quality business education and playing an integral role in bringing in the next wave of Owls to our MBA program at Kennesaw State University.

Program Details

  1. Please use the form below to submit both your own and your referral’s contact information. This form must be submitted prior to the referred person beginning an application to either KSUMBA Program in order to retain eligibility. We will use this information to reach out to your referral about our programs and send along a special invitation to attend an upcoming information session.

    Please note that only new referrals qualify. A referral is new when it is determined that the person has not previously requested information from the Coles College of Business about the KSU MBA programs in the last 18 months. If their initial request for information is over 18 months old or if we have not received the same referral from another alumnus in the last 18 months, then your referral will be considered. A current student/alumnus who is referring a prospect who will utilize the University System of Georgia’s tuition assistance program (TAP) or the Senior Citizen Waiver will not be eligible to receive this referral bonus.

  2. We will work with all referrals to answer any questions that they have, as well as help them navigate the admission process.

  3. If your referral is admitted to the program, then once he or she enrolls and successfully complete at least six credit hours of coursework in the Evening MBA or WebMBA program, you will be contacted regarding your Referral Reward.

*Please note that making a referral does not guarantee the referral will be admitted to the program. Referrals must meet all current MBA or WebMBA program admissions criteria as determined by the KSU MBA Programs Office. For more information on our admissions criteria, 

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If you have any questions, please contact Samantha Burke, MBA Program Manager,


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