Evening MBA Course Schedules

Spring 2024 registration will begin on Friday, October 13th – Monday, October 16th. Please refer to Owl Express for your specific assigned time ticket beginning September 28th.  If you have any questions about your schedule or would like to discuss scheduling options, please schedule an appointment with Stacy Schutte or Samantha BurkeIf you are a CONTINUING student who began the program prior to Fall 2023 who is interested in the possibility of declaring a concentration effective Spring 2024, please reach out to us in advance of registration opening so that we can discuss whether or not this is possible based on what you have completed so far in the program and advise on next steps to facilitate this declaration.

At this time, we are committed to these schedules of course offerings; however, they may be changed if necessary due to faculty availability, enrollment factors, logistical changes and other unforeseen circumstances. Please be aware that many of these courses have prerequisites or foundation knowledge in place that must be completed in order to proceed with those specific course(s). You will see on the PDF which courses have such requirements. The official schedule of courses, along with the necessary prerequisite information, will also be posted in Owl Express prior to the registration period for each semester.

Note: The FIS (fintech) electives are offered exclusively online through either the D2L or goView platform. Should you wish to register for FIS 6860 this Spring, you will need to complete the e-Major quiz found here. This quiz simply explains what the goView platform is and how it will be utilized for the duration of your online course, as it differs from the D2L platform that you may have used for other courses thus far. Once completed, please allow 24 hours for the Registrar’s Office to clear you to be able to register for this specific course.

Continuing Student – Non-Concentration-Seeking Schedule – Spring 2024

Fall 2023 + Spring 2024 Admitted Student Schedules by Concentration

Dual-Degree Student Schedule – Spring 2024