Spring 2022 MBA Graduate Feature

Crystal Sneed

  • photo of crystal sneed
    Spring 2022 MBA Candidate – WebMBA Program
  • Project Manager, SouthStar Energy Services

Why did you choose to return back to school to pursue your MBA?

I chose to go back to school to improve my leadership and people management skills. I wanted to obtain a general MBA degree to develop an all-round effective business arsenal which is beneficial in a versatile business environment.

Why did you choose KSU in your MBA pursuit?

I chose KSU in my MBA pursuit for the following reasons:

  • KSU MBA programs are ranked in top tiers both nationally and internationally.
  • The KSU MBA program is flexible to fit the schedule of a full-time working student.
  • The KSU MBA program provides a comprehensive leadership-focused curriculum, thus students graduate with a top-level view and are ready to lead.

How have you balanced work, life and school during your time as a KSU MBA student?

Time management was critical to achieving balance with work, school and a personal life. Some days I only focused on one or two areas.  While other times, my days incorporated all three facets of work, school and personal life. I must admit that there were times when I burned the candle at both ends…. getting up early and going to bed late. However, it was worth it to attain my goal of an MBA degree.

What bit of advice do you have for a prospective student looking to earn their MBA?

  • Prepare your mind for the lifestyle shift of being a working student
  • Arrange for a Flexible Work Schedule
  • Plan Your Work and School Projects in Advance
  • Master Time Management
  • Take advantage of implementing the knowledge gained real-time at work
  • Be prepared to work with your team between 30% to 50% of the time in each course
  • Have fun while learning
  • Expand your professional network

What do you hope to do once you complete your MBA? 

I aspire to advance my career within my current industry in management and leadership positions.