It is always KSU's goal that students guide their own educational process, and when difficulties arise along the way we are here to help. When students experience medical or psychological emergencies that impede their ability to successfully remain enrolled at KSU, an administrative withdrawal can help students focus on healing without harming their academic record.

We recommend that students speak with the following offices, if applicable, to determine what impact withdrawing from classes may have on their individual situation:

Please refer to the below flowchart to determine if an administrative emergency withdraw is best for the situation:

Administrative Emergency Withdrawals

Students are encouraged to submit requests immediately after the need arises for an Administrative Emergency Withdrawal to ensure we have received all the documentation needed to best support the request. It is highly recommended that students self-withdraw online through Owl Express prior to the deadline to withdraw without penalty. Directions to self-withdraw from class can be found on the Registrar’s website. After the last day to withdraw without academic penalty, should the need arise, students should still self-withdraw if they have stopped attending classes, and if their request is approved, all grades are issued as "W" regardless of date of withdrawal.  If a request cannot be approved or is submitted after the deadline, another option is to submit an Academic Standing Appeal through the Registrar's office. 


Directions for Completing Form:

Medical Withdrawal Health Provider Form

Page 1 will need to be completed and signed by the student. Pages 2 and 3 need to be completed by the student’s health care provider. The Medical Withdrawal Health Provider Form can be submitted for committee review by one of the following:

  • Email documents as attachments to
  • Fax documents to 470-578-9165
  • Deliver documents to The Office of the Dean of Students located in the Carmichael Student Center, suite 274


Re-Entry Process 

When students are ready to return to campus life, we want to help with that transition as much as possible. Students are encouraged to schedule a time to meet with a representative from the Dean of Students Office. In this meeting, the representative will help students build the necessary connections to on-campus resources allowing the student’s return to campus be more successful. Both virtual and in-person meetings are available.  

Before scheduling to meet with our office, please complete the re-entry form. 

Page 1 will need to be completed by the student and pages 2 and 3 by the student’s health care provider. The Medical Withdrawal Health Provider Form can be submitted for committee review by one of the following: 

  • Submit the form during your scheduled meeting 
  • Email documents as attachments to 
  • Fax documents to 470-578-9165 
  • Deliver documents to The Office of the Dean of Students located in the Carmichael Student Center, suite 274 


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Our office handles what is called an Administrative Emergency Withdrawal, (AEW). That means if you are experiencing a medical or psychological emergency and cannot continue going to all classes due to hospitalization or treatment, then this process may be for you.
  • Unfortunately, an Administrative Emergency Withdrawal , (AEW) can only be submitted before the current semester’s deadline, which is typically the last full week of classes before finals. After classes are over, or a grade has been assigned, an Administrative Emergency Withdrawal cannot be processed and you would need to complete an Academic Standing Appeal through the Registrar’s Office. You can find that process here: Academic Standing Appeals.
  • If you have stopped attending classes and have no intention to return for the semester, we recommend that you withdraw in Owl Express. Withdrawing removes the expectation from your professor that you are still participating in your class.
  • Yes! It’s typically the last week of classes before final exams begin. You can find the exact deadline on our webpage: Administrative Emergency Withdrawals.
  • Unfortunately, there is no way for us to tell you if your request will be approved or not since it is a committee decision. Your best option is to complete the AEW form in it’s entirety and accompany it with as much supporting documentation that is available for you to share.
  • After the committee has met after the deadline and approved or denied each request, you will receive an email to your KSU student email with a letter detailing their decision. Please read the letter completely because it also entails your next steps or alternative steps depending on the decision.
  • Please follow the Re-entry Process when you are ready to return to classes. Since it does take time to review a re-entry, it’s best not to request a meeting right before the semester you plan to attend. If the re-entry is approved, the hold will be removed and then you can register for classes.
  • If you are approved, a “MW” hold is placed on your account to let other offices know that you have received an Administrative Emergency Withdrawal. While it does prevent you from registering for future terms, it does not impact your academic record. To have it removed, you must complete the re-entry process and be approved. Once the re-entry is approved, we then remove the hold so that you can register.
  • If you have already registered for a future term, do know that you cannot actually return to attend those classes until a re-entry has been approved. Depending on the time between now and the future term, your schedule may remain as is in the event you are able to complete a re-entry in time. If there is not sufficient time, the University reserves the right to drop your future schedule. If you know you are registered and want assistance in having your classes dropped, please let us know as soon as possible. 

Protocols for Medical and/or Psychological Withdrawal