Academic Coaching is a service that is available to any student registered with Student Disability Services (SDS). Academic coaching is a collaborative partnership between the student and a member of the SDS team that works to bring awareness to what it takes for students to achieve academic success.   

Throughout the coaching process, students are given a space to explore academic challenges and strategies to combat those challenges. Coaching most commonly helps students assess their skills in areas such as:

  • Time Management
  • Procrastination  
  • Test Preparation
  • Note Taking Skills
  • Self-Motivation
  • Reading Strategies

Academic coaching is an opportunity for students to participate in academic support that incorporates encouragement, feedback, and accountability. Interested students can meet with an academic coach that can assist the student in creating academic goals and action steps to help reach those goals.  

If you would like to request academic coaching, please contact us at 470-578-2666 or send an email to