This page is meant for students in the GRADUATE CCSE programs to submit a prerequisite bypass request for a course they're trying to register for in upcoming semesters.

Undergraduate students can submit a prereq bypass request here

Submit this form if you're in one of these programs:

  • Artificial Intelligence, MS
  • Computer Science, MS
  • Cybersecurity, MS
  • Data Science & Analytics, MS
  • Information Technology, MS
  • Software Engineering, MS
  • Computer Science, PhD
  • Data Science & Analytics, PhD
  • Graduate CCSE certificate

(e.g. 000123456)

DO NOT submit a request for classes that have a prefix not included in the above dropdown

Any time you have registered for this class in a prior semester and stayed in it after add/drop ends

Copy/paste the error message you receive when you try to register

Explain why you should be able to take this class (e.g. I transferred in credit for the prerequisite)

We will check to make sure you have petitioned to graduate if you select yes


By clicking submit, you understand that your request may take 48 business hours to process and if your request is approved, you will register yourself. Do not submit multiple requests.

No one in the college has the ability to register students. This bypass enables you to register yourself.

We do not expedite requests during add/drop.

We do not override into full courses.