Undergraduate Prereq Bypass

Graduate course (e.g. CSE 7983) requests should be submitted here

Having trouble registering for a class? We're happy to help! Please submit your request below and we will respond to it as soon as we're able to (usually within 24-48 hours Monday-Thursday - may take longer if you submit this late on Friday or on the weekend). We understand registration errors can be a very time-sensitive and stressful issue to have and we want to get it resolved with you ASAP. Once you submit this form, you should get an automatic receipt email at the address you provide.

Getting a prerequisite and test score error can be for a variety of issues.

Before submitting this request, you might be able to resolve the problem without our help (and so be able to register faster) by reading....

    1. For CSE 1321 & CSE 1321L or CSE 1322 & CSE 1322L, you need to sign up for both a section of the lecture and section of the lab simultaneously - so either click on 2 check boxes in the Registration Worksheet or put 2 CRNs in to the Class Registration (Add or Drop Classes) page before clicking to submit changes/register. It might help to check out our "How to register for CSE 1321/L or CSE 1322/L page" to see other errors that can happen that trigger a secondary prerequisite and test score error due to these classes being linked.
    2. CSE 1322/L requires you to either be done with or be registered for MATH 1113 Precalculus prior trying to register for the classes. If you have credit for MATH 1112 College Trigonometry, please go ahead and fill out the form below.
    3. Check the latest prerequisites for the class - prerequisites are updated periodically. The easiest way to do this is to click on the course number (e.g. CS 3305) on DegreeWorks. A little pop-up window will come up with information about the class. If you see a small "cc" next to a prerequisite, that means you either need to take the class before or at the same time as the one you're looking to register for. If it doesn't have a "cc" next to it, that means you must be done with the prerequisite before you can take the class in question. You can also check prerequisites by looking at the current catalog.
    4. If you have transfer credit substituted to cover the prerequisite course requirement, it will cause the "Prerequisite and Test Score Error" - please fill out the below form.
    5. We can't override any classes except those that start with CSE, CS, CGDD, IT, SWE, DATA or STAT.
      MATH, BIOL, CHEM, or PHYS classes are maintained by the College of Science and Math.
      IS, ISA, MGT, and other Coles College of Business classes are maintained by the Coles College of Business Undergraduate Programs Advising Center.
      TCOM 2010 is maintained by the Department of Technical Communication and Interactive Design
    6. If you check the prerequisites and you won't have the prerequisite(s) completed when you want to take the class you're trying to register for, unfortunately we cannot grant the override
    7. You do not have to wait until the end of the semester in which you're taking the prerequisite(s) to register for subsequent semesters. Yes, you can register for a prerequisite in summer and then register for the next class in the fall. If you're getting a prerequisite error for something and you have the prerequisite(s) registered in semesters prior to the one you want to take the class, please fill out the below form!
    8. Is the class full? If you're getting a "Closed - wait list available" message, you should add yourself to the wait list. No more wait list? Send us an email (with your KSU ID number) at ccseadvising@kennesaw.edu for some ideas of what you can do

Once your request has been reviewed, we'll respond to it via email to either let you know the outcome or to let you know you will be able to register yourself for the class you're requesting.

You should get an automatic confirmation e-mail. If you do not, that means you have submitted an e-mail address that cannot be found (you probably made a typo). This also means that unless you resubmit the form, you won't be notified of approval/denial.

Should be 9 digits, no letters

DO NOT submit a request for IS or any core course. Request will be ignored.

Any time you have registered for this class in a prior semester and stayed in it after add/drop ends

We will be looking to see if you have petitioned to graduate.

By clicking submit, you understand that your request may take 48 business hours to process and if your request is approved, you will register yourself.

Advisors have no ability to register students. This bypass enables you to register yourself.

We do not permit taking classes concurrently with their prerequisites.

We do not expedite requests during add/drop. Do not submit multiple requests.

We do not override into full courses.