Faculty alerting the student and an academic advisor that a student is at risk of not being successful in their class as early as possible is critical in intervention efforts. Grades indicating the student is not doing well are not necessary to submit an alert on a student. Intervening early allows the student more time to talk with individuals who can help them to course correct for a successful outcome.

Undergraduate Students

  1. Submit an Alert on EAB Navigate for any student in any class you're teaching at any time of the semester.
    Fill out a Progress Report for the student on EAB Navigate; Reasons you may choose from: 3+ Absences, Not Engaging in Class, Missing Assignments, Poor Test/Quiz Scores
  2. Faculty teaching CSE 1300, CSE 1321, CSE 1321L, CSE 1322, CSE 1322L, CS 3305 and STAT 1401 during a fall or spring semester will be prompted to submit a report for all the students in their class during the Early Alert Campaign from Kennesaw State University Academic Affairs sent by Sarah Matta. Instructions on how to complete progress reports that are part of the Early Alert Campaign can be found in this PDF or by watching this video.

Your progress report will generate an open case that is then assigned to an academic advisor so that they may reach out to the student to talk with them. Advisors may additionally refer them to talk with you, counseling, tutoring or other on-campus support resources to address what may be occurring for the student and how they can be academically successful.

Graduate Students

  1. Submit a form that will be sent to the student's Graduate Program Director
  2. Email gradccse@kennesaw.edu 


If you are concerned about a student who is distressed and/or exhibiting abnormal, threatening, or dangerous behavior you may additionally submit a red flag report to the Behavioral Response Team.