• Begining of January: Call for nominations opens. 
  • End of January, deadline to submit application package as described on each award page. Faculty must include a cover sheet without signatures. Staff must include responses to the questions on the submissions form and two letters of support.  
    Combine your package as one pdf file and submit the form by the deadline. 
  • Begining of February, the winners of the CCSE faculty and staff awards are announced.  
  • Faculty Awards: Febraury 1st: the packages of the winners of CCSE awards and runner-ups are forwarded to CETL.
Faculty Awards Staff Awards Star Staff of the Season

Winners of the 2024 CCSE Faculty & Staff Awards

  • Tu Nguyen (CS) Outstanding Early Career Faculty Award
  • Kun Suo (CS) Outstanding Online Teaching Award
  • Jiho Noh (CS) Outstanding Teaching Award
  • Ferosh Jacob (CS) Outstanding Part-time Teaching Award
  • Abhishek Parakh (CS) Outstanding Scholarship and Creative Activity Award
  • Dan Lo (CS) Outstanding Professional Service and Community Engagement Award

Winners of the 2023 CCSE Faculty & Staff Awards

  • Melissa Lappe Staff Award Positive Impact/Service to the Community
  • Ashley McClure Staff Award Student Success Impact Award
  • Ying Xie (IT) Faculty Award College Distinguished Professor Award
  • Ramazan Aygun (CS) Faculty Award Outstanding Research and Creative Activity
  • Maria Valero de Clemente  (IT) Faculty Award Outstanding Early Career

Winners of the 2022 CCSE Faculty & Staff Awards

  • Hossain Shahriar (IT) Outstanding Research and Creative Activity Award
  • Kun Suo (CS) Outstanding Early Career Faculty Award

The College of Computing and Software Engineering Broadening Participation in Computing (BPC) Award.

The CCSE Broadening Participation in Computing (BPC) Award is to celebrate a faculty/administrator/staff member who has made the most impactful efforts to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion in the college. The purpose of the award is to demonstrate commitment to diversity and inclusion. A nominee shall demonstrate understanding and appreciation of diversity and inclusion issues.  

  • conduct diversity research and scholarly activities that enhance diversity and inclusion in computing, and or 
  • assist in the recruitment and retention of diverse faculty, staff, students, and or 
    promote an understanding of and sensitivity to diversity issues among colleagues and students, and or 
  • participate in opportunities to raise awareness of diversity and inclusion in computing within the community, and or 
  • use professional development opportunities to learn about inclusion and diversity in computing.