• The following instructions were created to assist you with submitting projects in Gradescope. Remember that these steps are essential to submitting projects on time, resubmitting projects for other reasons, getting answers in our FAQs and submitting a regrade request. Additionally, labs and assignments have separate steps with submitting using Source Code through Gradescope.

    If you need assistance, check the PDFs below or contact us during our office hours.

    Integrated Development Environments

    Though you can use whatever IDE you'd like at home, below is the IDE that we recommend and is installed in our labs for the different languages:

        - Web-based and doesn’t require installation
        - Good for quick coding
        - May be used for lab final, so you must be familiar with it
    2 ) C# 
         - Visual Studio for macOS or Windows
    3) Java
        - IntelliJ
        - CSE 1322L students must also install UML and JavaFX plugins

    ** Note #1: When submitting files to Gradescope, please make sure to submit all relevant files every time you upload to Gradescope, because previously uploaded files will not be visible to us.  

    Follow the instructions that are posted on our website to complete your lab exercise.  For in-class sections, lab exercises must be checked in class by the Instructor or GTA for credit and submitted in Gradescope.
    Upload the source code files to the assignment submission folder in Gradescope:
    C# - .cs files only
    Java - .java files only

  • You can use whatever development environment you like, but we officially only support IntelliJ, Visual Studio, XCode and replit.  Note, during your face-to-face lab midterm and final exams, you will be required to use one of these environments.  Windows users will likely want the 64-bit version when they install. 

    Although you can use whatever IDE you'd like at home, below are the IDEs that we recommend for the different languages and that we used in our labs: