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Introduction to Computing Principles is an excellent course for individuals venturing into the world of computing for the first time. This course serves as an ideal stepping stone, effectively preparing students to tackle more advanced subjects in CSE 1321. Throughout this engaging course content, you will explore a wide spectrum of fundamental computing concepts while gaining hands-on experience in programming.

Beyond its academic merits, "Introduction to Computing Principles" holds the potential to fulfill elective requirements for many students. It's advisable to consult your academic advisor to determine how this course can fit into your academic plan, making the most of both its educational benefits and its potential to enhance your overall academic experience.

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Submission Guidelines

  1. Assignments are being revised and will be posted two weeks before their due date on the Course Schedule.  
  2. Assignments must be submitted to the correct assignment folder in Gradescope once it is available and before the deadline.
  3. Emailed submissions will not be accepted or graded.
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  5. You will be enrolled automatically by the instructor, there is no enrollment code.