Contact Dr. Bob Brown

Dr. Bob Brown

Bob is a retired KSU faculty member. He can present the following at schools or other locations in the Atlanta area. For dates, please see the availability calendar. These presentations are geared toward middle school and high school students, but can be adapted for other audiences, including elementary school students. Contact Bob at for details or to schedule a presentation or get my vCard or public key.

Phone: 470-578-7505


Office Location: Marietta

Office Hours: None; I'm retired. Please contact me by telephone or email.

Availability Calendar

I am available for both virtual and in-person visits for Spring  and Fall, '24.  I can use your school's collaboration software; I've had practice with most versions.

I amprobably available to visit your school on the dates shown in gold. Please contact me at to be sure. It's also OK to ask about dates not in gold; sometimes things change, or I may be available for part of a day. This does change, as I am working with other schools, so as soon as you identify your dates, please let me know, and I'll take your days off my list of available dates.

When you write to schedule a presentation, please let me know the number of classes, class time(s), and approximate number of students. For multi-day presentations, please let me know the class times for each day. (Rotating schedules confuse me!)