Raspberry Pi Handouts

This collection of handouts can be used by teachers to get students started on a project.  None of them is a project in and of itself, they're all starting points.  For example, the Infrared Receiver handout shows how to receive information from an infrared remote control, then how to turn an LED on and off using the remote's power button.  Students are then expected to extend the material in the handout to complete a project of their own design.

If you have a handout you'd like to share, please send it to me.  I will put it here with appropriate credit.  If you'd like the MS Word 2016 version of a handout instead of the PDF, please write.  If you find errors, please let me know: Bob.Brown@Kennesaw.edu

Camera: Shows how to connect a Pi Camera to the Raspberry Pi, test it, and use Python code to take still pictures.

Bluetooth Controlled Robot Car: This project, by Pete Czaja, is a suitable team or semester project.  Be sure you have or can get the necessary material before you turn kids loose on this one.

Infrared Receiver: Shows how to attach a TSOP328xx or compatible infrared receiver device to the Raspberry Pi and receive data from an infrared remote control using Python.  The example is extended to turn an LED on or off using the power button of the remote.

Motion Sensor: Shows how to attach an HC-SR501 passive infrared motion sensor and detect motion using Python code.

Temperature and Humidity Sensor: Shows how to connect a three-pin DHT-11 type temperature and humidity sensor. (Note: A sensor with four pins is wired differently; this handout will not work with a four-pin sensor.)

Temperature Probe: Shows how to connect a temperature probe based on the DS18B20 temperature sensor, read the temperature in Celsius using Python, and convert to Fahrenheit,