A college education is one of the largest investments you will make as a parent. At Kennesaw State University, we want to help you successfully equip your student to navigate the financial considerations of college.

KSU is proud to be able to provide our students with ScholarshipUniverse, a one-stop-shop tool to search and apply for thousands of scholarships. With hundreds of Kennesaw State University scholarships and thousands of external scholarships on this portal, a potential universe of opportunities awaits.

Unlike other scholarship websites, ScholarshipUniverse showcases customized results of the scholarships whose eligibility requirements your child meets, saving time and effort. You can also be confident knowing that a third-party company has vetted all scholarships listed and that personal information provided will not be sold.

Once your student has been admitted to Kennesaw State University, they can access ScholarshipUniverse by using their NetID and password. Upon logging in to ScholarshipUniverse, they will be prompted to answer basic questions about themselves, their background and their academic program to match them to the scholarships whose requirements they meet. The more questions your student answers in ScholarshipUniverse, the more scholarship opportunities they will be matched with.

In preparation for submitting a scholarship application on ScholarshipUniverse, your student may need the following:

  • A personal essay
  • Their resume
  • Other documents as requested. For example, a letter of recommendation or writing sample, if stated on the application
submit fafsa  Scholarship Universe


How to Help your Student Navigate the Scholarship Process

Many scholarships are merit-based, which means they are awarded based on academic and personal achievement. Involvement in community organizations and clubs and even working a part-time job while enrolled in school can highlight your student's achievements to the scholarship selection committees. Please encourage your student to consider the importance of academic and extracurricular activities while applying for scholarships.

For Parents and Supporters of High School Students

It is never too soon to start looking into college and scholarship opportunities! Your student can start researching scholarships as soon as their junior year of high school. Many scholarship applications close in the spring (before high school graduation), and by waiting to research and apply for scholarships, your student may miss out on opportunities.

If your student is interested in pursuing scholarship opportunities, they should actively apply for scholarships throughout their senior year of high school. November through February are the ideal months to apply for scholarships. The KSU scholarship application for fall scholarships administered directly through KSU closes on April 1 for the upcoming fall semester. 

Students who are not yet accepted to Kennesaw State University will not be able to access ScholarshipUniverse.

ksu young student with parent looking at scholarship oppertunities

Here are some other resources to help you explore scholarship opportunities: 

Please Note: You should never be charged for scholarship application submissions. Your student should only apply for scholarships through a free scholarship search tool, such as ScholarshipUniverse. 

For Parents and Supporters of Kennesaw State University Students

Many of the scholarships your student may qualify for require a minimum GPA to maintain eligibility. Your student may even qualify for more scholarship opportunities as their GPA increases. 

There are currently hundreds of Kennesaw State University scholarships available and thousands of external scholarship opportunities available in ScholarshipUniverse. Below is a screenshot of what your student will see when they access ScholarshipUniverse using their Kennesaw State University NetID and password. 

A variety of funding options are available, including loans, grants and scholarships, to assist with your student’s educational costs. Keep in mind: the more proactive your student is in applying for scholarships, the greater their potential will be to receive scholarship funding and reduce out-of-pocket costs (i.e., borrowing loans, which must be repaid). The more questions your student answers in ScholarshipUniverse, the more scholarship opportunities they will match with.

Let’s look at two students, one who applied for and received scholarships and one who did not to see how scholarships can make a difference.

  • Receives $1,000 OWL You Can Be Scholarship each year as well as the HOPE scholarship

    • Takes out $4,000 in federal loans per year
    • Completes 15 hours per term, graduates in four years
    • Total loan debt upon graduation= $16,000

    Approximate monthly loan payment: $153 per month (10-year repayment term)

  • Did not apply for scholarships or qualify for HOPE Scholarship upon high school graduation

    • Lives off loans, accepts the maximum amount of federal loans offered each year
    • Completes 12 hours per term, graduates in five years
    • Total loan debt upon graduation= $31,500

    Approximate monthly loan payment: $301 per month (10-year repayment term)

Which student would you rather be?
What would you do with an extra $148 in your monthly budget because of a lower loan payment?
Can you see the benefits of applying for scholarships? 

Resources for Parents and Students

For additional scholarship opportunities beyond ScholarshipUniverse, your student may want to consider:

  • Organizations you have volunteered with
  • Religious organizations you are affiliated with
  • Employers (yours or potentially your parent or guardian’s)
  • Cultural heritage organizations
  • Personal supporters or direct donations 

Resource Library


If your student is submitting a scholarship check and donor paperwork by mail, please send to:

Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid
Kennesaw State University
585 Cobb Avenue, MD 0119
Kennesaw, GA 30144-5591 

If dropping off a scholarship check in person, please deliver to the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid on the Kennesaw Campus, or the Bursar’s Office on the Marietta Campus.