The Keeping Sights Upward Journey Honors College is home to multiple special-interest cohorts. The cohort model is a powerful academic structure in which students progress together through curriculum and experiences over multiple semesters. 

Ancient and Modern Classics

The Honors Ancient and Modern Classics Cohort (AMC) is an elite classical study program that immerses students in paradigmatic works by some of history’s most brilliant authors, philosophers, scientists, musicians, and more.

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Wellstar Tom and Betty Phillips Elite Honors Nursing Scholars

This elite program synthesizes the resources and opportunities of the KSU Journey Honors College, Wellstar Health System, and Wellstar School of Nursing to create a rigorous and unique Honors cohort experience.

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President's Emerging Global Scholars

The President’s Emerging Global Scholars Cohort, or PEGS, prepares tomorrow’s leaders to actively engage in their communities, develop global competencies, and grow as exceptional scholars. 

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