Honors Ancient and Modern Classics Program of Study

The Honors Ancient and Modern Classics Cohort (AMC) is an elite classical study program that immerses students in paradigmatic works by some of history’s most brilliant authors, philosophers, scientists, musicians, and more. A group of 25 exceptional undergraduates progress together through seminar-style classes framed around some of the most compelling books ever written. The program culminates with a study abroad experience during the summer semester following freshman year. 

The Honors Ancient and Modern Classics program aims to draw avid readers from all disciplines together to study ancient and modern classical literature. 

  1. A classic work poses a fundamental question of the human experience.
  2. A classic work is foundational for the thinking that follows it.
  3. A classic work has withstood the test of time.

This is a structured first-year program in which students take small Honors sections of general education classes as well as Socratic-style seminars called Honors Colloquia. The books used in all Ancient and Modern Classics courses are not the standard textbooks. Rather, AMC classes are taught using primary texts - books which are essential to our global civilization, and which have successfully withstood the test of time.

Program Benefits

  • Engagement in a cohort model: AMC students will complete courses together over a period of three semesters, forging a community centered on a love of reading and the academic rigor of examining classic texts.
  • Receipt of a first-year scholarship from the KSU Journey Honors College totaling $1,000 to be disbursed over the course of two semesters.
  • The AMC experience culminates in an exclusive study abroad program in Montepulciano, Italy the summer following freshman year. Study abroad scholarships designated for AMC students are available upon receipt of scholarship application.
  • All benefits associated with the KSU Journey Honors College


Each year, KSU Journey Honors College selects 25 students to participate in the Honors Ancient and Modern Classics Cohort. To be eligible, applicants must:

  • First be accepted to Kennesaw State University as a traditional first-year student
  • Have a KSU Institutional GPA of 3.7 or higher
  • Be accepted into the KSU Journey Honors College
  • Must be eligible to complete the cohort curriculum listed below

AMC Cohort Curriculum

  • HON 1100: An Introduction to Honors Education
  • POLS 1101: American Government
  • HIST 2112: Survey of U.S. History II
  • HON 3000: Honors Colloquium
  • HIST 1111: Survey of World History I
  • ENGL 1102: English Composition II
  • HON 3000: Honors Colloquium

*Summer courses completed in Montepulciano, Italy

  • ART 1107: Art in Society
  • ENGL 2110: World Literature

Important Note: AMC students must complete at least two of the aforementioned classes per semester to participate in the cohort. While credit from AP and/or Dual-Enrollment courses will be acknowledged, it is critical to the cohort model that students complete at least two AMC courses together each semester. For eligibility questions, please email honors@kennesaw.edu.

  • AMC students must enroll in specified AMC cohort classes in the Fall and Spring semesters in addition to the study abroad travel with the AMC cohort to Montepulciano, Italy in Summer term.

    AMC students must remain in Good Standing with KSU Journey Honors College:

    • AMC students must maintain a minimum KSU Institutional GPA of 3.25
    • AMC students with a GPA between 3.0 and 3.25 will be on probation with AMC and the KSU Journey Honors College.
    • AMC students with a GPA below 3.0 GPA OR those who do not remain in good standing with the KSU Journey Honors College will not be permitted to attend trips abroad and will forfeit any trip deposit already paid.

How to Apply

The application deadline for Fall 2023 cohort admission is April 1, 2023

  • Review all the criteria and eligibility to participate in the Ancient and Modern Classics Cohort (AMC).
  • On your Kennesaw State University Application, indicate interest in the KSU Journey Honors College
    • Complete all related questions in the KSU Journey Honors College tab of the application.
    • Indicate interest in the Ancient and Modern Classics Cohort and complete the essay prompt. 
  • For AMC consideration, you must be accepted to both Kennesaw State University and KSU Journey Honors College on or before  April 1, 2023. 
    • AMC Application review begins on April 2.
    • Students accepted to Kennesaw State University and KSU Journey Honors College after April 1 will not be considered for the AMC Cohort. 
    • KSU Journey Honors College recommends that prospective AMC students submit their complete Kennesaw State University application at least eight weeks prior to the AMC deadline for best consideration.

Refer to the KSU Journey Honors College Eligibility and Application page to apply. 

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Ancient and Modern Classics Study Abroad in Montepulciano, Italy

Encounter the geography, history, art, and literature of the worlds which you have examined as you travel with your cohort to Montepulciano, Italy—Tuscany’s highest hilltop town. During this immersive 4-week experience, visit Renaissance cities such as Florence, Venice, and Rome alongside your classical colleagues. Enrich your exploration of literature within the medieval walls of KSU’s Fortezza, and experience authentic Italian life among ancient vineyards and olive groves.

Montepulciano, Italy

For more information, please visit the Education Abroad Website.

Students are responsible for study abroad program costs not covered by KSU's Global Learning Scholarship, available to all students who complete the application. Students in the Ancient and Modern Classics cohort with financial need may also apply for the Barry & Sylvia Hyman Endowed International Education Scholarship or Robin Schmidt Shore Endowed Scholarship that are specifically targeted for students planning to participate in the Ancient and Modern Classics Study Abroad experience. 

Information on scholarships can be found on the Ancient and Modern Classics Travel Scholarships site.

Ancient and Modern Classics Program Coordinators

  • Italy Summer Consortium Faculty Fellow and Associate Professor of English

    (470) 578-3619
    EB 213

  • Dean of The Keeping Sights Upward (KSU) Journey Honors College and Professor of English

    (470) 578-4835
    ALC 5552

  • Professor of Political Science

    (470) 578-6082
    SO 5052

  • Professor of Political Science

    (470) 578-6452
    SO 5050

  • Program Mgr, Honors College & Part-Time Instructor of International Policy

    (470) 578-5196
    ALC 5550B