Jessica Albert

Jessica is an artist based in Atlanta, Georgia. She is currently studying graphic communications at Kennesaw State University. Before attending KSU, she spent a year studying at School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), then at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). Prior to college, she was accepted in the Governor’s Honors Program (GHP) for Visual Arts. Jessica is first-generation American with her family all from South Africa and Poland. Half of her family immigrated to Israel, which she tries to visit annually. She enjoys to travel and likes to visit different markets in different countries to draw inspiration from international artists.

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Tyree Baptiste

Tyree Baptiste was raised in Warner Robins, Georgia. He began his artistic training at Middle Georgia State University, where he was awarded his Associate of Arts in 2018. Later he would study Graphic Communications at Kennesaw State University, where he was awarded his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Communication with a Minor in Art History. He has worked for companies such as Iyoda Digital, Beringei Clothing and The Computer Museum of America. As a proud AIGA member Tyree strives to always design in a way that benefits his clients continuously throughout time, and mark in the world of design.

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Josh Branton

Josh is an artist working and living in Marietta, Georgia. He is currently studying Graphic Communications at Kennesaw State University while working on solo projects in his free time. Josh specializes in illustrative design, branding, and packaging, while building his repertoire of other skills to help augment his designs. From the niche styles of spray paint street art to sculpture, digital painting, and graphic design, he’s always trying to broaden his artistic horizons. 

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Binal Desai

Binal Desai is a student of Kennesaw State University’s fine arts program in Graphic Communications. As a high-energy, charismatic individual, she varies designs to fit her clients’ needs in a fun-loving way while achieving their visions. Currently, she serves as the president of the Graphic Design Club at KSU, showcasing her leadership skills while working with nonprofit clients to help them further implement their brand identities. Binal’s values are having fun with her work and being open to communication and feedback, aiding her in her design exploration and relationships with her clients. She enjoys reading with her cats, walks through the forest, and long drives speeding on backroads.

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Curran Harrison

Drawn to design because of its ability to create emotional brand experiences and influence culture, Curran is passionate about building bold visual identity systems and telling provocative brand stories. Prior to graduating, he produced campaigns for an environmental conservation NGO in Thailand, created collateral in-house at KSU's Fifth Third Bank Stadium, and designed branding for the built environment as an intern at Nimble. Design Co. Post-grad, Curran hopes to join a creative agency to combine his love for design with his passion for fitness, food, and travel.

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Brooke Hopkins

As a senior in Kennesaw State University’s Graphic Communications program, I have garnered a wide breadth of knowledge and experience in typography, electronic illustration, publication design, interactive media, motion graphics, advertising, packaging, and more. Further, I’ve grown a great interest in marketing and branding, pursuing a minor in Marketing to broaden my skill set. I’ve learned a great deal about marketing now and can see the many ways it has an impact on what the creative departments end up designing. Whether that be in advertising, social media marketing, branding, or packaging; EVERY DESIGN CHOICE IS DONE WITH PURPOSE. 

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Kayla Mack

Kayla Mack is an interdisciplinary artist who optimizes brands and visuals in a unique way. Her work includes an extensive variety of graphic design, conceptual photography, portraiture, and illustrations. Her eclectic compositions utilize interesting approaches to color, typography, and principles of design. 

Kayla will be graduating in Spring 2022, earning her BFA with a concentration in Graphic Communications from Kennesaw State University. Alongside her bachelor’s degree, she has also completed a minor in Marketing. This has helped her further understand the commercial aspect of advertising while allowing her to market her work to the right audience and clientele. She is passionate about branding, design, entrepreneurship, fashion, and photography. In a constantly changing world, she strives for receptiveness by seeking new opportunities to learn and progress her skill set.

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Maggie McCulloch

Welcome! My name is Maggie McCulloch, and I will be receiving my BFA in Art in May of 2022. Over the last several years with a concentration in Graphic Communications and minor in Engagement Marketing, I’ve established a big love for design, advertising, and how they coincide. I’ve had the privilege of working as a Graphic Design student assistant within my university as well as holding a full-time summer position as Design Intern at Jackson Spalding in Atlanta.

While I’ve gained experience in branding, layout design, social media marketing and more – I’m currently engaged in all things advertising and packaging. With each project I aim to focus on creating authentic, provocative, conceptual, and bold work through consistent exploration of imagery, typography, and illustration. 

Aside from the logistical, my love for design transcends into my personal life and back in time through my love of antiquing – searching for vintage ads & magazines, music, and more. An avid Elvis fan “born in the wrong generation,” young at age, old at soul.

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Haley Michels

Hi! My name is Haley. I am an Atlanta-based graphic designer, illustrator, and bookmaker. Yes, I am also a KSU grad with a BFA in art and a concentration in Graphic Communications but who I am goes far beyond the titles. I am a lover of colorful illustrations, editorial page design, oh, and kimchi. My major design skills lie in print design, motion design, and brand development.

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Arielle Nasr

Arielle Nasr is a graphic designer based out of Kennesaw, Georgia, that focuses on functional and dynamic designs that support efforts in marketing and advertising. She developed her skills as a designer through Kennesaw State University's art program, where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in graphic communications. During her time in school, she also worked in marketing and graphic design spaces that expanded her knowledge of her field and contributed towards her inclination towards advertising design. Arielle particularly likes to build promotional displays, develop content for campaigns, and strengthen branding through marketing collateral. She is a firm believer that the best graphic design work not only acts as a visually successful piece, but implies a deeper story, and reflects the foundation which it came from. Within her work, Arielle challenges herself to create art that accentuates her clients brands and creates memorability in their campaigns. 

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Ashlynn Russell

Ashlynn Russell is a soon-to-be graduate of Kennesaw State University’s School of Art and Design. While her concentration is in graphic communications, she enjoys many different mediums including graphite, oil paint and digital drawing. She finds inspiration from personal interests such as music and movies, and occasionally from her friends' pets. Originally wanting to go into the dental field, she quickly realized that doing something more creative would yield a more fulfilling future. Like any millennial, she spent most of her teenage downtime glued to a computer screen, redesigning her Myspace page every few days. This eventually led her to discover graphic design – a combination of art, computers, and communication. After graduating she plans on getting a job where she can use her talents and skills to help people bring their ideas to life. 

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Aaron Simpson

As a graphic designer, I consider myself to be a lover and doer of all things design, from web and UX/UI to branding and print. As I work towards a BFA in Graphic Communications with a minor in Marketing, I focus on conceptual work for my clients by doing extensive research in the product, the target audience, and the end-goal. Whether I am creating a simple logo or a complex website, my goal is to execute designs that make an impact on the client as well as the consumer. My passion is finding the proper solution to someone’s challenge by creating bold and unique designs that will push boundaries.  

Although I truly enjoy doing all forms of design, my passion lies in UX/UI and web design. As I enter the creative marketing industry, my desire is to be able to create bold experiences for consumers by designing simple and easy-to-use applications and websites. I believe that research is crucial to the creative process, so it is important for the product to work efficiently and according to the client’s standards.  

I draw my influence from several different sources, including music, video games, nature, thrift stores, and past experiences. Surrounding myself in what inspires me allows me to thrive in the creative world. I enjoy exploring different uses of type and color and finding new ways to communicate to the target audience in a visually appealing style.  

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Julia Trahan

Julia Trahan has been honing her design skills ever since 2013, after being placed in an elective high school class she never signed up for. She fell in love with graphic arts and has been passionate about it ever since, with a particular fondness of all things nerdy and pop culture. Julia set out to learn as much as she could, wanting nothing more than to learn how one field of the arts informed the others. She has experience in printmaking, bookmaking, photography, traditional and digital art, web design, and animation. Awareness and understanding of these fields have only served to enhance her skills as a designer, which she uses to breathe life into her clients’ visions.

She is currently enrolled at Kennesaw State University and will graduate in May 2022 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art and a concentration in Graphic Design.

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Edward Valdez

Atlanta based graphic designer, Edward Valdez, designs with a purpose. And that purpose is to stand out. He looks towards innovation to create his work. Specializing in print, branding, and packaging. Aside from graphics, Edward also has a keen eye for photography and videography — working with photo manipulation and video editing helps build his extensive portfolio. Edward is looking to create bold and exciting art.

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