Find Your Fit as a Ph.D. in Business Administration

Our detailed, four-step application process ensures that you find the right fit for your specific business goals. With focused concentrations in Accounting, Business Management, Information Systems, Marketing and Risk and Decision Analytics each student receives a personalized Ph.D. program experience to excel as:

  • Academic Professionals: Engage with in-depth, tailored research opportunities to establish a more robust academic presence as a lecturer, adjunct, or tenure-track faculty member.
  • Experienced Business Professionals: Become a “champion” to advance in your business position, all while prioritizing an essential work-life balance. Work towards impactful consulting opportunities and company engagements. 

Enjoy the Diverse Ph.D. Program Experience at KSU

  • Over 50% of students enrolled are non-Georgia residents
  • Average age of enrolled students is 47.1
  • Join a select group of only 2,500 scholars in the United States