Ph.D. Concentration – Risk and Decision Analytics

The Ph.D. in Risk and Decision Analytics is designed to prepare future scholars for academic careers and to teach industry leaders about quantitative analysis, decision analysis, risk analytics, business analytics, and risk management. The department’s faculty is composed of highly active and accomplished researchers that have published in several top-tier journals in operations research, management science, economics, and financial econometrics. The Ph.D. combines these disciplines to create researchers who can leverage decision analytics to conduct meaningful and relevant research in risk analysis. Centered around decision-making and risk analysis principles and theories, the program teaches students to analyze business problems and create solutions that are robust and reduce uncertainty. The Department of Economics, Finance, and Quantitative Analysis maintains strong ties to both the public and private sectors through centers housed within the department, including the Bagwell Center for the Study of Markets and Economic Opportunity, the Education Economics Center, and the Student Managed Investment Fund.

photo of the faculty of the Risk and Decision Analytics discipline

Leo MacDonald

“I've always been passionate about problem solving. The field of decision analytics is, for me, an elegant way of analyzing, understanding, and providing practical solutions to real-world problems, with all their inherent complexities, including all their underlying uncertainties and associated risks.” 

Leo MacDonald
Risk and Decision Analytics Discipline Lead
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