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The discipline of information systems (IS) focuses on information together with information capturing, storage, processing and analysis/interpretation in ways that support decision-making. The IS field also deals with building information processing into organizational procedures and systems that enable processes as permanent, ongoing capabilities. This information systems concentration emphasizes the importance of building systems solutions to be continuously improved. At the same time, IS recognizes that in terms of the various technical computing knowledge areas and skills, it relies on knowledge developed by other computing disciplines.  

Our business doctoral program with a concentration in information systems focuses on four key areas: 

  1. Behavioral Information Systems (IT training, Fintech etc.) 
  2. Cybersecurity 
  3. Healthcare informatics 
  4. Business Analytics 

The goals of the Ph.D. program at Coles College of Business with a focus on information systems is to provide a pathway towards success in academia. Students focus on becoming outstanding scholars who excel in research, teaching and leadership positions at other academic institutions. This business administration graduate program was developed to provide significant flexibility while providing the necessary skills to peruse research for publishing in highly rated peer-reviewed journals. The department at Coles College of Business boasts highly active, published faculty members in IS training, healthcare, security, data analytics and more!  

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