Safety and Security

Download the LiveSafe app for information on keeping yourself safe on campus at KSU.

Please call the University Police at 470-578-6666 for emergency situations. Dialing 911 will cause a delay in response time as 911 will receive the call and forward it on to the University Police. In non-emergency situations, you can still contact the University Police at 470-578-6206.

Housing and Residence Life has para-professional and professional staff on-call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you need help, please call your Resident Assistant.

RA On-Call Phone Numbers

Clery and Fire Safety

Clery is a federal statute that requires all colleges and universities that participate in financial aid to disclose information about crime on and around their campuses.

Kennesaw State publishes several documents regarding safety including:


Electronic Locks

How to Operate Your Electronic Bedroom Lock

Your electronic bedroom lock features Toggle Mode, which allows you to leave your bedroom door unlocked or locked when closed. 

To engage Toggle Mode and unlock your door, place your Talon Card up to the middle of the reader at the top of the lock. When the green light flashes three times, turn the handle to open the door. Your bedroom door will remain unlocked until you disengage Toggle Mode. 

To disengage Toggle Mode and lock your door, place your Talon Card up to the middle of the reader at the top of the lock. When the light flashes red twice, the door will be locked. In case Housing and Residence Life staff needs to enter your room for any reason, such as health and safety inspections or maintenance requests, the staff member will lock the door when they leave. For more information, please watch the video below.

Toggle Mode

Remember to always have your Talon Card with you when you leave your room. Lockout fees will still apply if Housing staff members need to let you into your room or bedroom. If you have any issues with opening your bedroom door, please go to your community’s Housing Office before 5 p.m. or call your community’s RA on call after 5 p.m.