Hornet Village is one of two suite-style communities exclusively for first-year residents on the Marietta Campus. With a combined 170,500 square feet, both phases of Hornet Village offers students two styles of spacious floor plans—singe suites and double suites. Single suites house two residents and provide a private bedroom to each student. Double suites house four residents and provide a shared bedroom to each student. Each suite has its own bathroom and shower.

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Floor Plans

Single bedroom floor plan

Single Bedroom

$4,220 per semester per person

Double bedroom floor plan

Double Bedroom

$3,881 per semester per person



  • Private bedroom available in single suites
  • Extra-long Twin-size bed
  • Dresser
  • Computer desk with chair
  • Bathroom and shower inside each suite shared with 1 or 3 other people
  • WiFi


  • Elevator access
  • Large lounge on the first floor with couches and a TV
  • Multipurpose rooms on each floor for studying and small gatherings
  • Laundry Center on the first floor