We are excited to announce updates for students interested in pursuing a Nursing major! 

Beginning May 10, 2024!

The journey to a nursing career is both exciting and challenging as you mentally and academically prepare yourself to enter the world of healthcare.  Wellstar College of Health and Human Services seeks to ensure that students have every option available to them to make their journey rewarding. 


A System for Completion, Retention, and Academic Professional Pathway Yields (SCRAPPY) in Nursing.

Starting May 10, 2024, students interested in pursuing nursing will initially choose (or change their major to) one of the following pathways. Each major incorporates the required Nursing major prerequisites... 

  • Human Services, B.S. with Nursing Concentration 
  • Integrated Health Science, B.S. with Nursing Concentration
  • Public Health, B.S. with Nursing Concentration (available on August 1) *If you are interested in this pathway, please email WellstarAdvising@kennesaw.edu

Upon completion of your nursing prerequisites, students are encouraged to apply to the Nursing major.  Students achieving admission will then enter the Nursing Major. Students not achieving acceptance can continue with their selected major (minus the Nursing Concentration) where your prerequisites will be applied.  Please note, you are welcome to apply again to the Nursing program or pivot to a different degree offered by the University. The result remains the same – your completed course work will be applied toward a degree that opens the door to the healthcare industry.

Remember, Kennesaw State’s nursing program is highly competitive and offers limited seats to eligible students. Over the past several years, we have worked to increase capacity in the program and are continuing our efforts to help admit as many students as possible. Our PATHWAY SCRAPPY ensures every student can reach their goal of earning an impactful degree that transforms lives.

Download a flyer with an explanation of the differences between each degree pathway.

Download Flyer

If you have any questions or need additional advice and support, please contact WellstarAdvising@kennesaw.edu.  If you have financial aid questions, please contact finaid@kennesaw.edu


  • When you change your major, you will see that the required nursing prerequisites will be linked under Nursing Concentration. You are not required to complete any new courses for your application to the Nursing major. Refer to the KSU (Kennesaw State University) Undergraduate Catalog for information about the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program. 
  • The Department of Education issued regulations stipulating that Title IV funds may only be used to pay for coursework that is part of the student’s program and leads to a degree or other recognized credential. Since KSU's Nursing program is a gated program with a limited seat cap and you are not a Nursing major until formally accepted, students must pursue a complimentary educational pathway that integrates with the nursing prerequisites. KSU has designed three pathways in Human Services, Integrated Health Sciences, and Public Health. All coursework in these pathways meets Financial Aid requirements. Students pursuing nursing must select one of these degree pathways until they are formally admitted into the Nursing program. Once admitted into Nursing, the student's major will be changed to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing. If a student does not successfully achieve admission, they may continue in their selected degree program minus the Nursing Concentration or change majors. 

  • HOPE and Zell are awarded to students who meet the eligibility criteria if they are in a degree-seeking program. Students pursuing a Nursing degree are eligible to receive Zell and Hope. The HOPE and Zell Miller scholarships will prorate based on the total number of hours a student is taking, regardless of the degree being pursued.  

  • Merit and need-based scholarships are available based on a wide variety of requirements. KSU offers a portal to apply for both internal and external scholarships called Scholarship Universe. Students may apply online here:  https://kennesaw.scholarshipuniverse.com/

  • For federal aid, courses must count toward the program of study that leads to a degree or other recognized credential. The Nursing pathways are designed and allow for students pursuing a Nursing degree to be eligible for financial aid.  

Download instructions  to change your major to one of three SCRAPPY Nursing pathways!

Major, Minor and Certificate Declaration

Changing or Declaring Majors, Minors, and Stand-Alone Certificates

You should declare a major as soon as possible so that you can be assigned an academic advisor. Your academic advisor will help you expedite your progress toward graduation and assist you in preparing for a career. If you are an undergraduate student and would like to declare or change your major, minor, stand-alone certificate or concentration, submit your request through Owl Express using the “Declare or Change Major/Minor” link under the Student Records tab.

If you are a graduate student considering changing your program and/or major, please contact Graduate Admissions.

How to Change Your Major

To change your major or to declare a minor, follow these simple steps to navigate to the Change Major Portal:

  1. Login to your Owl Express account
  2. Click on the Student Records tab
  3. Click the link “Declare or Change Major/Minor.”
  4. Click on “change” in the “Primary Program” section if you are declaring a new major.
  5. Click “add” in the minor section or “Secondary Program” section to declare a second major/certificate.
  6. You will be redirected to the list of available programs
    1. Online majors are highlighted in Green
  7. Click “select” beside the new program you are interested in.
    1. If your major requires a concentration, you will be asked to choose on the next page. Click “select” to move forward.
  8. You will be taken back to the main page, where you can monitor that status at the bottom of the page under “Request Information.”

If you decide that was not the major you intended, you have the ability to Cancel your pending request in the “Request Information” section. Here you can also see any notes from the academic department if your request was declined.

Note for New Students: Major changes impact your housing selections (Marietta campus versus Kennesaw campus) if you are going to be living in on-campus housing.